Encountering humanity


Till this day the whole world mourns the death of  Benazir Bhutto,  a celebrated leader, a remarkable woman, an incredible daughter and a brave woman. However Pakistan has a lot more to mourn about. Sadly a lot more than what has been portrayed by the foreign media, or depicted by the Pakistani media itself. It’s the suffering of the Pakistani people after protests cum riots broke out throughout Pakistan. Critics, patriots, media nearly everyone has  spoken about the 100 million rupees loss that Pakistan had to face after the riots broke out. But am yet to find a single news coverage  highlighting the suffering of the residents of the Edhi village.

Edhi village, situated on  Karachi super highway, was targeted by an angry mob, 16 ambulances belonging to the edhi welfare trust were burnt, not only that  orphans  residing in the village were beaten up, that includes mentally challenged children. 

What was the point of such an attack? How have those orphans in anyway contributed to the assassination of Benazir? More importantly why has their been no reporting or subsequent action regarding the incident?

The answer is with in every one of our minds but we need to stand up to acknowledge it. Just exactly why and how certain Breaking in to banks could be justified as looting,burning cars and tires however pathetic is a norm during riots.  But to rage an attack in broad day light on a welfare village, destroy welfare property and cause physical and bodily harm to orphans? (who are already sidelined thanks to our cultural stereotypes)

Is it an attack on the country’s most devoted rescue and emergency- handling organization ?  Yes it is. What ever the reason may be, the fact of the matter is that such incidents demand immediate and strict action. The life of normal people like you and I, that ends up becoming   mere figures scribbled down in a small column in the daily newspaper and then forgotten about.  If we the citizens do not acknowledge and  or help those of us harmed, how can we expect those at higher authorities to value our lives? 





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