Awaiting Revival

With the sun shinning high
Lighting up the edens
Like fire blazing coldly
The wind playing with dust and sand
The aroma seeping
Silently embarking a journey
It could breathe now
Breathe in the sense of freedom and security
Rejuvenating  the spirit
Enlightening the soul
It stood high almost immortal
Colors of happiness embellished in every corner
A sight to witness
And hold forever
A time to never let go
All it took was a gust of wind
Throttling its spirit
The edens burnt  up in smoke and ashes
Soil drenched in blood
In all the madness

Somewhere the aroma continues to linger on

Personifying life
Waiting to be resurrected
With its arms extending to embrace us


5 thoughts on “Awaiting Revival

  1. Ammmmmazing! I truly feel like having experienced it myself! Just beautiful!

    Mind if I give a few pointers? If you think it’ll help, remove ‘continues to’ from the fourth-last line. Oh, and also ‘in the sense of’ from the eighth line. It makes it more… intense that way, IMHO.

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