Too numb to mourn yet again


There are certain  incidents which become unexplainable. Its like being too numb to respond , as if  words would appear too petty. Today I don’t want to know  reasons and  conspiracies,  all I want is this madness to stop. How many of us will burn and bleed now ? Mourning bloodshed has become a ritual. Its like every other day we are reminded just how unsafe things have become. Even the most accurate of analysis don’t make sense now. There is nothing more we can ask for other than all this to stop for once and for all. Trying my level best to gather the courage to ponder over just another incident, bomb blast at Marriott Islamabad. Its become more than terrorism now its like a ‘game’. A game of defeating egos , a game of power and brutality. Its as if the only way to show your strength is through bloodshed. It’s a way to shatter and completely distort the concept of reinstatement. There is nowhere to be at peace, no place left as our homes continue to burn. All that seems to be happening right now is us sitting back and watching the country burn one thing after the other. There doesn’t seem to be a way to combat the current scenario. No input practically from the nations end, while its for certain that everyone has lost their patience with time. Do we leave the country now and reside somewhere safe? that’s pretty much the option for anyone who can afford too. The fact however remains that there is absolutely no place like home. There is no place that will accept us with all that we are without question. In a simple matter like immigrations we need to prove ourselves in every possible way finance,taxation,education,work,background and obviously security clearances.
Than there is the settling and the struggling phase. We are willing to go through all that pain because we believe now that it is not possible to live in peace in this country of ours, and that anywhere but Pakistan shall do it. If not for ourselves we are forced to think that way for our family and loved ones and their security.

With all that in the backdrop the hope for revival continues to grow weaker day by day. If the only people who are left are here by chance and not by choice how do we expect to muster the courage to defeat the enemy. Few are left with solid hopes of a way out, many have lost it along with time. To fight against the enemy it has become essential to first fight within ourselves. A fight with our conscious, a fight to determine whether the victory belong to the patriot or the pessimist. The victory of either perhaps will be the only way to determine if there is going to be a way out EVER.


14 thoughts on “Too numb to mourn yet again

  1. I cant help but think that the militants are not acting alone to carry out suck a complex and risky attack is too big for terrorist cells to carry out on their own…but i know for a fact that in the end the delivery boys are the poor manipulated villagers from Balochistan or NWFP.

  2. there is always a price to pay for your beliefs, the difference is made by the ppl who pay that price regardless of it magnitude.. we lack the right beliefs and the courage to pay the price..

  3. INSHALLAH we will ammar 🙂 and yes am hoping that too..
    @Mubashir I think the comments are turning into a intro page for me. I cant mention the names here for obvious reasons 🙂

  4. I hope we make it through this hard time we are facing. And hard working, loyal citizens of the country dont move out under these unfortunate circumstances.

  5. I am a freelance writer and a feature editor for a British magazine that deals with women rights. But i didn’t talk to them for the mag, I talk to them as a person who was concerned about what went in there, anything and everything I discovered was never published not told to others, but yes they too had their flaws quite clear ones.

  6. They decided to fight but their approach was wrong. They should have gone about it in a different way actually. Not the way they did, and I am not saying this because I saw it on Tv am saying this because I have been there and I have talked to ppl that use to teach over there, so yea there were flaws. But the bloodshed shouldn’t have happened actually.. that was sad indeed

  7. There is a way, but if we will go with that, government will label us as Terrorists. Toughts of students of lal masjid were also same, but when they decided to fight, they were killed like as they are the only terrorists resposible for every mis-hap.

  8. I just find it hard to imagine the kind of pain and fear those who had to experience this disgusting act had to go through. What possible benefit came out of this, I don’t know. How you do justify the death of so many people to be for the “right cause” or whatever it is this was for, is unfathomable to me too. “Disgraceful” is the only word that comes to mind.

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