Divided we fall


There is an obvious end to everything in the world. It is not in our hands to bring about immortality in anything, but there is a way to make something last forever. Time may change causing things to fall apart but the essence can be maintained. Unfortunately today for us things are not only decaying but their essence is also being wiped off. It is a game of self destruction, one with no turning point. A war where we stand face to face,where defeat is destined for us and only misery is victorious. We have lost the basics of life and killed the gist of unity. However this is not the only damage, we continue to be on a rampage. A rampage against our own people against ourselves.  Sunni against Shia, Muhajir against Punjabi, Sindhi against Pakhtun and the list goes and grows on. The thirst for conflict remains deeply embedded in all of us and thus is inherited further. For generations now the baseless conflicts have continued and grown stronger, with a lot more to back it up. Aimless conflicting has brought us enough damage mostly collateral.




Today when an ordinary man cannot gather the courage to take a stand, it should be considered absolutely justified. The reason for his failure is apparent , it is the dubious orientation of our society. When basic concept of faith, ethnicity and morals become seeds of conflict nothing remains behind to culture an ordinary man. Our fault lies in turning our own strength into weapons for our demise. With time matters continue to worsen and the spectrum for hopelessness continues to broaden. Questions continue to pile up while the answers remain simple but mystified. 

We will continue to fail and fall until a time where we opt to start being honest with ourselves. The time when we truly accept the facts without bias. A place where we embrace what is common among us all. Everyone of us will plod along the path of destruction until we learn to be honest with ourselves. A time where the true picture is accepted and acknowledged with all our hearts. We cannot expect the world to understand us if we don’t understand ourselves. It is mere hypocrisy to deserve a fair trial from the world while we continue to point fingers at each other. NO war NO proof NO historical evidence can change our fate except our own conscious. The only way to combat is to reckon the power of unity and to let go of aimless conflicts. It is only when we stop being indifferent towards each other that we will fathom the art of survival.


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