18th oct: Voices from Garhi khuda baksh


Graves don’t talk they lay in silence evincing the life they lived once. The eve of 18th October’07 was not an ordinary one. Whether one was a Bhutto supporter or hater it dint matter much. The road blockage, crowd, rallies and frantic news updates on TV followed morning to evening. Finally to the joy of supporters  Benazir Bhutto made her homecoming. Quite an emotional one I must agree, with flares of happiness joy  came waves of agitation. The images one saw on the street were pure madness, not support literal ‘madness’. People dancing on the streets enchanting slogans , raised flags black,red and green. The ritual chances of ‘threats’  were already exposed but that was of least importance. Despite constant threat of violence the caravan moved slowly towards Bilawal house. Bibi with her usual style stood out of her ‘armor proof’ truck waving joyfully to her supporters. 


To a normal non Bhutto supporter the only thought that evening was:

‘Why does she have to do all this drama? She could have taken a helicopter back home! But then again its her Personal show with people’s life at stake’ 


Thousands of supporters ,cars ,motorbikes traveled along the truck with ‘satisfactory’ security.

For a normal day in Karachi it usually takes around 35 mins to get to karsaz from the airport, for the rally however it took several hours. It wasn’t until midnight that the rally reached ‘karsaz road’. It was then that the ‘feared’ happened, two blasts in a row. Over 30 kilo of explosive killed over 150 people and injured hundred others. The scene was catastrophic and caught on live transmission. The usual blood thirsty media didn’t shiver for once before flashing images of mutilated bodies , blood and ripped pieces of human body parts on live television. Bibi however was successfully rescued off the truck and safely taken back home. 

‘How convenient for her? What about all those people?’ , her personal show turned  tragic for millions watching back home. For everyone I knew and talked to about the incident, we had but one thought in common 

‘Khud ni martay yeh leader, log martay hain becharay’ 

‘These politicians remain safe in the end, its only the people that suffer’ 


In every other interview where Benazir would so bluntly state the threat to her life, all I did was roll eyes and switch channels.  I didn’t believe when they say her life was in danger not until 27th decemeber’07.  Till the day she died I hoped that she would minimize her public appearance for the safety of people. Every time she made a public appearance I had prayed for the safety of people attending. Even upon hearing the blast on the 27th of December I had assumed she would be safe. It was as an understood thing , who could kill Benazir? But they did. This isn’t about her death though , its about everything and everyone that died before, with and after her death. To all those lives that were lost in vain, to all the hopes that were perished and for all those who have lost their loved ones in all the chaos. There is this sense of insecurity in every Pakistani ‘ The government doesn’t recognize the needs and importance of an ordinary man’ 

‘Aam admi ki zindagi ki koi qadr nahin hai Pakistan main’

Well this applies to all of us more than it does to the government , even we tend to loose interest in the mass murders of  ordinary men but if it’s a ‘well renowned figure’ then VOILA havoc it is. The death of Benazir Bhutto wasn’t the death of democracy, the attacks on her weren’t only on her life. Ms.Bhutto’s  death is worthy of all the grief and heartfelt sympathies , however the fact remains Bhutto’s assassination is just a chapter in the series of mayhem meant for our nation. If today we don’t realize the importance of each life lost , we sure as hell don’t deserve to expect any different from those leading the nation.

A heartfelt prayer for all thsoe who have lost their lives in the series of madness around the country. May ALLAH rest those souls in peace.

5 thoughts on “18th oct: Voices from Garhi khuda baksh

  1. Brutality. I thought days of barbarians were long gone, but as people say, the past comes back. Not limiting myself to her assassination (I am like many feel sorry from the bottom of my heart), the times that we are seeing in the recent past remind one of those when men meant nothing to other men. Life wasn’t about living rather slaving. We head on towards the same; the agony of our nation are the nationals within its boundaries.

    ‘I am your enemy and you are mine’ is what the rule is.

  2. Tooba I agree with the insecurities but we have seen worse, Pakistan’s been on war and had vital geographical changes(Division of East Pakistan), the media is too hyper today that is the only differnce

  3. The insecurity is soo scary.. Even for people that are away from the country that have family there.. It’s just one of the hardest and darkest times I’ve seen Pakistan go through..

  4. @ odzer : Its nice to know that even being an outsider u have a keen eye towards Pakistan’s internal matters, or perhaps world affairs. In either case her death was tragic. But we can’t let it overshadow the deaths of a hundred others, her life is equivilant to the loss of one life only I speciafically hate when people overlook the bloodshed and remember so called prominent figures. Sad ! Whether India Pakistan or where ever it may be loss of life is tragic.

  5. @ Sana : A very well written post. I think she had an inkling that she will go that way. As a leader she was liked here because of her image as a liberal and a democratic leader. I am not sure of the reality of her situation because I am an outsider. I also do not follow Pakistan’s politics very regularly. Lots of people have died in such type of attacks all over the world and it seems the situation is not going to improve any time soon. Governments are far too busy just trying to control everyone and everything instead of looking for any positive solution.

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