Forgotten:Pakistan ka matlab kya? -Habib Jalib


The current situations in Pakistan, the rumors the crisis and the fear about many of us quitting amid the turmoil. In between all the mayhem a nation has forgotten its roots. Ideologies once founding a nation have been deemed too philosophical. Among all this I know I must resist to survive, I must strive to find my purpose. Pakistan is about me and all of us, its a mutual relationship that cant be neglected upon will. While many of us loose hope ,I stand by the few who wish to remain steadfast. Pakistan is an identity I cant let go of and for everything that I am and I will become it is important that I have firm hope in Pakistan’s survival and existence just like I hope for my own.

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya?
What Does Pakistan Mean?

Roti, kapda aur dawa
Ghar rehne ko chhota sa
Muft mujhe talim dila
Mein bhi Musalmaan hoon wallah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah…

Bread, clothes and medicine
A little house to live in
Free education, as may right be seen
A Muslim, I, too, have always been
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God, but God, The Rab-al-alameen

Amrika se mang na bhik
Mat kar logon ki tazhik
Rok na janhoori tehrik
Chhod na azadi ki rah
Pakistan ka matlab hai kya
La Ilaha Illalah…

For American alms do not bray
Do not, the people, laugh away
With the democratic struggle do not play
Hold on to freedom, do not cave in
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

Khet waderon se le lo
Milen luteron se le lo
Mulk andheron se le lo
Rahe na koi Alijah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah…

Confiscate the fields from the landowners
Take away the mills from the robbers
Redeem the country from its dark hours
Off with the lordly vermin
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

Sarhad, Sindh, Baluchistan
Teenon hain Panjab ki jaan
Aur Bangal hai sab ki aan
Aai na un ke lab par aah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah…

Sind, Baluchistan and Frontier
These three are to Panjab most dear
And Bengal lends them splendour
Anguished should not be their mien
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God…

Baat yehi hai bunyadi

Ghasib ki ho barbadi
Haq kehte hain haq agah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah…

This, then, is the basic thing
For the people, let freedom’s bell ring
From the rope, let the plunderer swing
Truly they speak, who the truth have seen
What does Pakistan mean
There is no God, but Allah..


10 thoughts on “Forgotten:Pakistan ka matlab kya? -Habib Jalib

  1. Does it makes sense —
    Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya — Koi Mabood Nahi Siwai Allah Ke
    Aap ka naam kya hai — Mai ne Ek Haj aur teen Umraeh kiyae hain.

  2. @ sadil : welcome to my blog 🙂 and indeed we need positivity. It helps a great deal to mantain focus while in such distress. Whether now or in the near future patience us the key to everything. Obviously consistency is required !

    @manpreet: its usually used as a slogan 🙂 I dun reckon its used on a song not that I kno of 🙂 mujhay ni lagta kay its been rendered

  3. Posts like these are very few and far between the gloom that is being portrayed all through the Pakistani media and sadly through our blogsphere as well. I’m not saying one ought to ignore realities but a balance outlook is what satisfies logic.
    I like the positivity that oozed out of the post which we direly require to keep our composure intact in this hour of challenge when we are being attacked from left right and center.

    A timely post!
    Long Live Pakistan!

  4. @ Odzer: Rofl! tht’s ok thanks for yet another round of facts. Killings are a sad part no matter where they are so yes about the mentality we pretty much,actually for us it is bound to be there as anything and everything that goes around has to have US approval. Although I dont totally agree with the fact that all the violence is done by the US. The terrorist are among us and one of us they might be trained in Pakistan by who so ever but we cant blame everything on the US, specially when we cant take a hold of such activities.
    Economic crisis shall pass INSHALLAH and I am left with no other option but to hope and remain positive.
    Zios thank you for a quick (long) summary 🙂 I do respect your opinion and most of us share the same thought. The problem with us is we don’t realize the importance of ‘self Empowerment’. Anyways we need to keep our heads high and think positive that remains the key to survival atleast for me.

  5. @ Ammar : How socialist 🙂 I am afraid though good intentions are not enough. Although I think it is not too late yet take heart everything will be fine. In the 90s I remember India had almost defaulted on its foreign debt and we had severe economic trouble. Argentine has gone through something even more severe quite recently. One of your commentators is right countries go through good and bad patches just like people.

    As far as the killings etc. I do not have much hope. Human nature is such I am afraid.We are easily influenced and all of us have an us VS them mentality.

  6. “Yes WE must resist to strive ..”..and so we do…
    I think the NEWS is quite right….for people behind this article Pakistan IS the most dangerous nation…that is why they are doing their best to give aid to everyone who incite people in the name of religion…who spread hatred, desperation, disappointments, and panic. Go to news papers sites of Pakistan and all is filled with ” people killed, fire broke, wheat smuggled, …etc etc “….Why?…to me they are paid ads..paid by the ones who are providing arms to the so called ‘Talibans’…who provide all the money in the world to those who want to spread anarchy and go for train marches…ask those religious guys to assist Edhi and they will take less than a micro second to disappear.
    In a population of 160 million people, statistically these matter how worse they are…are not more than fraction of one percent. There are Pakistanis who do lot of good things on daily basis. Go to schools where teachers teach about goodness, professional institutes inculcate a spirit of competition…to excel, go to factories and they produce and create things to satisfy the needs of their own countrymen and even of people in foreign lands, armed forces not only defend their own land and ideology but they defend the complete region as they have been doing for last 60 years….this region would have been a chaotic scene had it been not for Pakistan.
    Every country on earth has similar problems…but they don’t have the smart, passionate and visionary enemies as we do….doesn it tell about the caliber of a nation?
    Going up and down is a cyclic process in the history of nations and the world has seen too many examples….nothing here is forever but inshAllah Pakistan will stay here for long time to come and will flourish.
    Everyone of us is responsible towards the country…first thing is honesty and sincerity even in everything…and do whatever one can no matter how small….every penny counts!.

    Thanks for writing it…I was going to write similar thing…but inshAllah later 🙂

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