Balochistan pleads help!

One of the most deadliest earthquakes to hit Pakistan measured a 7.6 on the Richter scale, effecting Kashmir and the northern area. On Wednesday 29th of Oct an earthquake jolted  Baluchistan. Today the people of Baluchistan need us expecting aid to flood in full vigor. The nation set standards with exemplary rescue and relief work in Kashmir quake. Today history must repeat itself and the nation needs to stand side by side in this time of need. Baluchistan has been highlighted with complains of negligence making this a time for us to aid their insecurities.


Often in times of chaos we find a realm of peace and unspoken bonds. It is a time where the primary focus remains facilitating the needy. We need to do our little bits and make them effective. It is with  unanimous support that rescue ideas can be implemented. The army has already started the initial rescue work. For the rest of us there is a lot that we can do. I would like to highlight the plea of ‘Mission Rescue Pakistan’  as they have made arrangements to gather commodities. A relief camp will be set up to gather ‘commodities’ not ‘cash’ in Karachi :


The Appeal:

We are setting up relief camp, to help the earth quake victims of Baluchistan. We have already got the permission from CDGK, and probably we will be setting up the place opposite to Park Towers in Old Clifton Area.

We will try to make it operational from Saturday Morning, and will operate it for 3 days. We will be needing Volunteers from Mission Rescue Pakistan, to spend time their. 

All Interested volunteers, please feel free to contact me or Naveed on following numbers:-


Fawad- +92321-2437256

Naveed: +92345- 2208122


The procedure is simple: we will collect commodities here, and will transport it to Quetta, two volunteers will be flying to Quetta, to make sure the smooth distribution of the commodities. 


At Pro-Pakistan we are welcoming anyone and everyone who wishes to highlight such appeals. If you wish to participate, arrange or are aware of any such activities we would be more than pleased to help you. The death toll continues to rise as temperature continues to fall. The people are in need of immediate relief. With the help of everyone it would become a lot easier to provide immediate relief to the effected people. Do the little bit that you can in what ever way appropriate as everything makes a difference. Everyone of us is required at this particular time and even a little bit can help ease their problems. Its in these times that I can really look around and feel blessed. In times of need the minutest of things inspire you to a great deal. Although it might not mean as much but I just wanted to mention a few people who have shown such interest in the plea of the victims. Thank you !


In the end there are a few people that I would like to mention 

A fellow blogger odzer , for having such keen interest in the wellness of the people of Pakistan and effected people in general. These are the small bits that motivate one to work harder and realize that there are still people out there who really care for victims in general regardless of race,creed,religion or ethnicity.


Mission Rescue Pakistan Team, for taking an immediate step towards establishing relief camps. Also for always being keen to help the nation in general. The national attitude will help us reinstate the current situation we are all effected by.

Lastly but most important the Pro-Pakistan team who have always been forthcoming in highlighting everything and anything to do with Pakistan without bias. Thumbs up for my team 🙂


PS: Am sure the list will need a lot of updation quite soon 🙂


Special thanks to Ammar Yasir (RONIN) from teak-break for taking the initiative of highlighting the appeal. A very positive gesture as always expected from the tea-break team 🙂 . Appreciations for taking an immediate and effective step towards highlighting the plea of the victims *thumbs up*


5 thoughts on “Balochistan pleads help!

  1. It is good that people are getting together to help the affected but it is equally important to co-ordinate with or give aid to other organizations like Edhi ( and few more working on the ground ) so that efforts are applied efficiently.

    May Allah protect us all from these calamities.

  2. @ Sana : Thanks for your kind words. It is really nice that some people are taking the initiative to help on their own. In such hard times the first few days are especially essential. As you may know earthquake related injuries need special medical knowledge. Especially “Crush Syndrome” is very dangerous. I hope that all the injured and those in need get immediate help. Do keep us posted on the progress you make and the situation there. Sometimes keeping the ‘news’ alive gets better results.

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