Tea break: Mind boggling goes mobile


The Pakistani Blogosphere at present is growing rapidly. With plethora of bloggers one has a wide range of blogs to read from. The rapidly growing blogosphere encourages the need for innovative ideas in order to stand out. When talking about blogosphere ‘Tea Break’ is a name one cant overlook. Giving its readers ‘a mind boggling experience’ in their signature way.  At Pro-Pakistan we continue to highlight and appreciate anything and everything going around us. Since this one is for ‘Blogosphere’ it surely deserves a healthy feedback from the blogging community. So here its is a round of thanks and appreciations for the tea break team for bringing all the popular blogs on to one platform. By giving readers feeds from blogs all around and ensuring an easy access for everyone. Now that tea-breaks gone one step further by providing mobile accessibility we have an added reason to appreciate the teams continuous efforts. I was already in love with the beta version and after testing the mobile version I find it very user friendly too. This will surely be a treat for all the blogging addicts and provide a whole new meaning to blogging with ease. However this does raise the bar and our expectations with the tea break team to come up with exciting features and upgrades and get the blogosphere clicking. So Mobile chai khana anyone? 

DISCLAIMER: None of this was written on gun point. Although I certainly deserve to be paid 😀


6 thoughts on “Tea break: Mind boggling goes mobile

  1. @ saadat: thankyouu thankyoouu :D.. n yes I know its only the tea break ppl who don’t seem to understand. Giving a whole new meaning to the idiom ‘ Naiki kar dariya main dal’ 😛

  2. 150$ (Afghani dollars) for the praise 😛

    On a more serious note, there is a lot more to come Inshallah and this update will be continued by a series of exciting new plans. But my request to all of you out there is to provide your helpful feedback and constructive criticism and it will be very much appreciated.


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