Mankind: Ashraful Makhlooqat is it?

The fascinating part about life is its philosophy and the things we are told to believe as we grow. Being a child we learn how we are blessed in the light of religion and science. The concept of God is accentuated with highest levels of glory. The concept of good and bad is made quite simple. It becomes hard to comprehend over the time how bad things can happen to good people and vice-versa. The world painted is a replica of a fairy tale world or an epic which is quite contrary to the real life. Over the time life seems to deceive all the beliefs we once quite proudly embraced. The battling with life’s philosophies either makes one believe in them more or annul them completely.For me the annulment is not an option owing to my habitual submissiveness to the usual dot and dash of philosophy. I might not have my own being the ordinary person that I am. Everyone however through inspirations has their share of light to throw at the concept of mankind and the life we live.

There is in fact one thing over time that I completely fail to comprehend. The pain and suffering humans can cause other humans and still be preferred ‘above other creations’ Is devastating. An animal’s life revolves around the concept of race between the prey and predator. Unfortunately the concepts of brutality are well adapted by the so-called ‘preferred creations’. Survival of the fittest is perhaps the most well renowned

Iran-Iraq war

ideology adapted by the mankind for ages. The concept of humanity comes shattering down as we look

Guantanamo Bay Prison
Guantanamo Bay Prison

around us. The irony caused among men is created by none other than men themselves.  Vietnam,burma,bosnia,Serbia,Iraq,Iran,Afganistan, Hiroshima the list of barbaric regimes is endless. The blame is given to politics, religion and philosophy but the real culprit remains mystified under mere words and terminologies. The images of abu ghuraib jail,Guantanamo bay and the victims of chemical war fare shouts out the extremities under which human beings fall today. The concept of brutality is well adapted and deemed fair under banners of religion and politics. Are the victims not humans first? why have we opted for physical abuse while we have been blessed with brains?.

Through out the world millions of dollars and the highest percentage of the country’s budget is proudly invested in generating arms. Woes of bravery for the warriors triggers battles of whose the villain and whose the martyr.

Victim of chemical warfare

One man’s irony is other’s victory this is the concept of humanity we follow today. The essence of bravery is associate with the number of killings under one’s belt. The struggle of a normal man against his ironies however has no value among the forced virtues we have adapted. Today the biggest fear and threat to mankind comes from among them. No threat no fear is bigger than the terror engraved in our minds about men driven violence. As we continue to justify the wave of violence with preferred reasoning’s , the concept of humanity, religion and politics keeps distorting. Our own set of believes are used against us that too at our own will. No matter what the reasoning are the death of a man anywhere in the world belonging to any religion,cast,creed and race is the death of humanity. The essence of anything that defies with the basic concepts of humanity is unfounded.

Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind

The Quran: Chapter:5 Verse: 32



16 thoughts on “Mankind: Ashraful Makhlooqat is it?

  1. Harris, forgive me for the fact that I did not get your point here at all. What I was talking about and what the main post’s topic is seems to be somewhat different than what you said.

    But let me assure you that I too have met, lived, studied, worked, interacted, with several people from several different religious, spiritual, educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and my post here was not an attempt at all to prove that ‘we’ as Muslims are in any way better in dealing with worldly affairs.

    There was no such attempt from my side, not because I believe they are better than us, but because I believe there is no use or benefit of such a comparison.

    It again depends on what your definition of ‘living far more better lives’ is but what I have seen in various regions and religions has failed to impress me. Surely we can learn a lot from the ethics, worldly progress, research, of other people but on the other hand they too can learn a lot from Muslims.

    My opinions are never ever based on what the mainstream local Pakistani media, or the mainstream international western media says. I do my research and I do it thoroughly with an unbiased approach.

    And by the way, there would be a time when Islam would be in 72 different sects. At the moment I don’t think that there exist even half (36) different sects. But if someone knows the exact number, please enlighten me.

    There is no need to be apologetic for being Muslim; I am proud of my Islamic heritage. The rest of the world is going astray for they do not have a basic divine set of moral codes so ultimately they try to base everything on materialistic and natural tendencies. For instance you would find people who will say that being homosexual is OK for a human being because such a tendency even exists among animals. Now I am dying to tell such people if they would be looking forward to kill their own children and eat them because some animals eat their own off springs???

    Just my two cents :).

  2. Allah called us ‘ashraful-makhlooqat’ because of the body and the ability to sense and think. I understand your point brother but everybody is making his or her own right way. There are 70 firqas in Islam and everybody thinks that we are correct and others are wrong and because of this inside Hubble people have created wrong image of Islam.

    Obviously right now what Muslims are doing is absolutely wrong because the “high rank” people are not or guiding them wrong. Majority of Muslims in the world are uneducated Allah has said so many times that “think think think” but they still don’t.

    I am sorry brother you cannot tell what others are believing and doing unless you see or meet them. Don’t believe in media. I have met many people from other religion and trust me brother sometimes I think they are living far more better lives than us. 🙂

  3. In my humble opinion, if one’s faith is properly in place, one would never suspect the notion of ‘ashraful-makhlooqat’ no matter what happens. One has to see things in true perspective in order to draw correct conclusions.

    To say that most of the wars in this world were faith-based initiatives is a huge factual error and has not been proven so far by any researcher in any part of the world.

    And by the way, those who believe think that the non-believers too are actually ‘believing’ in ‘something’ , which makes them what them what they are.

  4. disturbing….
    the devastation advanced warfare can inflict is still understandable.
    i still fail to digest and register suicide bombers and their motives

  5. @ saadat: it’s sad what ever the reasons might be, what mankind is turned in to right now.What ever the savour might be may it be rationally thinking and making choices or something else anything that can change our current status will be nothing less than a miracle.

  6. I guess it was in grade 5 when we read in our Urdu book that man is ashraf-ul-makhlooqat because he is blessed with aql. The same aql, however, can turn into malicious shrewdness.

    One doesn’t become a supreme being by just having a rational thinking. Rather, it’s the choices one makes, which are again subjective…

    *shakes his head*

    I hate being trapped in circles.

  7. My question is why the true follower of Hazrat Muhammad SAW has to suffer the evilness of the world? Why not others?

    If he is the best person of the best religion of the Ashraful Makhlooqat (best human being) so than why always he why not others?

    The people of the world other than muslims are living in peace. Why they why not us?

    Majority of the worlds lies and evil are in muslim countries. why always us why not them?

    90% of the muslims countries are secretly owned by US. why us why not them?

    Christians finds relief in the church, hindu finds relief in the mandir, their prayers are even answered by the GOD (Allah) so then what makes us different from them if the same thing is happening in every religion.

    Jews says that we are the Bani Israel we have the Prophets like Moses and Abraham. Christians says Jesus Christ. Hindu says we have Vishnu and Ram. What makes us SPECIAL that we are the UMMA of the Huzoor Akram SAW?

  8. @ odzer: True 🙂 it gets confusing and totally devastating at times.We over glorify everything leaving no room for rationalising things logically. Its strange how men behave when it comes to religion why cant we deal with patience and acceptance. Seriously at times animal traits seem far better than our own.

  9. @ Sana : As long as people keep dualism alive. Good and Alive. Sin and Piety. Faith and Atheism, etc etc we will continue to suffer. The problem is quite simple really. The people who claim to be doing good or men of faith are offer equally responsible for causing misery and suffering to humanity. We have so many representative of Gods now a days and all of them seem to be convinced that their path is right. In fact they are just deluding themselves and no one else.

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