Baby P: Blot on britains social services and child care

The  western society is both praise and denounced for its strong stance about human rights and freedom of speech. Apparently the british lawsbaby-p1 potray a flawless system against human abuse. This however doesnt stop the constant raise in crime over the years. The abuse has not only increased but reveals new levels of inhumanity and barbarism. Baby P’s recent case happens to be one that shows the devastating state the country’s social sysytem is in. Personaly it camemuch of a shock to me, only to realize later on that the all so strongly posed social services is not very respected overall by the residents. The images potrayed globally arent all that true infact many abuses are not only overlooked but also accepted. In Baby P’s case the negligence from the social services reached yet another level. The synopsis of Baby P’s story according to records:


Baby P suffered more than 50 injuries at the hands of his abusive mother, her 32-year-old boyfriend and their lodger, Jason Owen, 36.The injuries came despite 60 contacts the baby had with the authorities in Haringey, north London, over eight months. Baby P was taken to doctors over time with various complains his first visit was with bruises to his head and chest after what the document calls an accidental fall downstairs. Over time the bruises continued on his forehead, nose, sternum and right shoulder.  On 1 August 2007, Dr Sabah Al Zayyat examined Baby P at St Ann’s Hospital in Tottenham. It was the last time that any medical professional had a chance to save the child. However Dr Zayyat failed to notice that the child had broken ribs and a broken back. Instead she notes that he is “quite miserable” and crying. She adds that it was not possible to make a full examination. Baby P died after being injured and ended up swallowing his teeth. The emergency call was made to the police and the Baby was declared dead.



The negligence that caused suffering and evetual death cannot be overlooked. Baby P’s case raised cry and question among the local people.The need for a stronger infrastructure for child care became more evident.The horrors that baby was put through opens the eyes of many for the kind of abuse out there for children. Despite over 60 visits by social services the baby was still not rescued and eventually died. This proves the need for reinstating the system and a foolproof method against abuse. For abuse that is so apparent and devastating there needs to be a stronger system to identify and put an end to. Although the authorities promise to have a much more stricter system the trust in social services has definately been shattered.It is with time and a much more efective system against abuse that the normal people will gradually regain their trust and the social services will actually be viewed again as a ‘saviour’ and not the facilitator of abuse. In the mean time the steps taken after Baby P’s case are the most vital in determining Britains fight against abuse and violation of human rights.



12 thoughts on “Baby P: Blot on britains social services and child care

  1. Hi Sana! I hope you are well :)! Thank you for your offer of help! My blog is coming along and more interest being is being shown. I am hoping to have completed the pilot stage of my questionnaire soon.
    May I ask if you would fill in a questionnaire for me? I would be so grateful!

  2. Hi Sana,

    My name is Faye Saville and I am in my final year studying for a BA (Hons) Public Relations Sandwich Degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

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    This study aims to discover how and why various Internet methods (e.g. blogs and social networking sites etc) are used by individuals to communicate with online during a crisis. My research specifically focuses on the crisis and case of Baby P. Therefore, this study requests to hear from individuals who have an interest (professional or otherwise) in the social work/social services and welfare sector and the case of Baby P.

    Would you be interested in posting my questionnaire on your blog? If you have accessed the Baby P case online and have followed the case I would very much appreciate if you could fill in my questionnaire and return it to myself.

    The questionnaire also aims to discover how and why individuals who have an interest in the social work/social services and welfare sector have found using the Internet in the Baby P crisis useful.

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  3. @ odzer: Agreed taht not everyone wants to have kids and not everyone knows how to raise them but this certainly is no way to treat one also.The infrastructure is onviously better no question about that but trut me cases like these arent rare an isolated.If its was an isolated case it wouldnt have made them restructure their entire system, this indeed was a great push in putting the end of years of negligence by social services.

  4. @ Sana : Not everyone wants to have a kid and not everyone who has a kid knows how to raise one. The infrastructure in the developed world of course is far better than what we have here. It is a pity that this case was not discovered earlier but then again I guess it is one of those isolated cases and not the norm.

    1. Indeed it is saadat. When the police arrived to find the baby in a cot flooded with his blood the mother insisted they should wait till she gets her ‘cigarettes’ ,ironic it is

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