Remembering Dhaka Fall

As we plod along boosting about our success in life it certainly becomes very important to look back at our downfalls as well. The best way to scrutinize ones life is sometimes to analyze the mistakes one has made in the past. The division of East Pakistan can not be kept hidden while strolling down history lane. It becomes quite difficult for one to accept the faults that were made. For years now the people of Bangladesh remember the times they recall as ‘most injust’ and barbaric. The differences between East and West Pakistan became apparent quite soon after the independence. The series of incident that led to the division have still not been disclosed in detail.

Reasons told although vary from difference in language,culture,political ideologies and geographical problems. No matter what the reason may be a nation once freed through constant struggle came to a tragic split too soon.The elements causing the split still exist in our society.The minorities are still suppressed. Terrorism is deemed fair in the name of ’sect’ , ‘ethnicity’ and ‘political opinion’. Far too many splits between a nation that once pledged freedom under one name and mission. It might as well be difficult but not impossible to accept our mistakes. The political mistakes we made in the past cost many lives and the tragedy continues to repeat itself.

Down the history lane the deaths of innocent people should be remembered. After all these years of constant neglect it is time to come clean. The truth about Dhaka fall should be revealed. It is the right of every Pakistani and Bagladeshi to have full access to the truth of the incident. The judicial decisions and the people involved should be identified. Although the loss cant be accounted for but neglect certainly is not an option. Today Pakistan stands on the crossroads where increasing insurgency is the leading problem.The situation continues to become more and more uncertain over time. It has become essential that a strategic approach is taken in order to revive the nation from the current situations. In days like this history can be a vital towards self analysis and development.On this day I am deeply saddened and apologetic about the massacre that took place nearly 4 decades ago.


9 thoughts on “Remembering Dhaka Fall

  1. @ sameer: umm welcome to my blog 🙂 also its not about re-uniting , its about acknowledging mistakes on our parts. Acknowledging that regardless of ethnic or racial diff the human right violations during the dhaka fall shud’nt have happened. Also that we should not stay silent and try to hide the facts.
    Please refrain from using unethical terms.There’s no point explaining or even answering back any of your comments because its just not worth it 🙂
    Hope you drop back with a rather calm mind and ponder over the facts and my post again

  2. I just came across this web page about the loss of east pakistan in 1971 in the minds of some weird pakistanis,who still dreams of Bengalis reuniting with the Pakistani !!!!! Hey , you clowns ? how could you even think about reuniting after what your filthy Pak army did in east pakistan ?? another person by the name of farwah mobin writes ,with the help of some Bengali politicians who were pro-Indians the country called Pakistan was dismantled. You jokers dont learn anything from history ,,!!!! you are still living in your obscene lies which still pollutes your blood with anti-hindu propaganda!!!! another joker wirtes Bangladesh is sinking every year !! in short in few years our country will go underwater?? don’t you worry !!! look at your own country’s miserable state of affairs, it has become a failed state,peace has vanished for you, it has become a killing field.

    Before even our country sinks as you jokers think, a country called pakistan will be ancient history !!!! feel so sorry for you miserable jokers who are still lying about my country.We are lucky that we are not a part of that failed state called pakistan,we bengalis have firmly buried it under our foot in 1971.

  3. dear readers,i was 13 when we lost dacca,couldnt get over the loss.i managed to visit the place in 1981 till 1986.met so many of them ,the regret was there,they wanted to come back.few politicians of their land got together and got help from our enemy bharat,thinking as if they will be blessed and appreciated but in return 10 percent hindus were poured in to live in dacca and up till now these hindus have the hold in the rule .lets once again get togather with our bhalo bangalies and throw indians away.

  4. Bangla Desh was the eastern Pakistan before 16 Dec 1971, hamari aapsi laraion ka india ne faeda uthaya or bangol ko Pakistan se alehda kar dia, india aaj bhi ussi kisam ke hathkande istemal kar ke hamain taqseem kar raha he, humain ab to india ki in sazishon ko samajhna chahie

  5. Thanks for the post. For many years Pakistanis were kept away from the truth.

    “It is the right of every Pakistani and Bagladeshi to have full access to the truth of the incident.”

    There is no absolute truth. But there are evidences, eyewitnesses, photos, facts with which one can judge which is the truth. Generate a lot of questions which one wouldn’t ask if he/she didn’t know.

    Perhaps these can be a start for those who do not know:

  6. @ Sana : Someone I know often says that Bangladesh is one of those places where people are not supposed to live. Every year 70% of the country sinks under water and one of these days the entire country will disappear due to global warming. We have hundreds of thousands of these people now living in India. I am sure there are plenty in Pakistan as well. It is kind of sad but Bengal has always had a chequered history. As you say every country must look back at history and avoid making mistakes. I guess one of the things about South Asians is their inability to adjust with each other. May be we are just too many…

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