A big WOOT for Amnesty!

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people  campaigning for human rights for all.Amnesty’s  ‘Counter terrorism with Justice’  movement  roared a global wave of awareness.The illegal imprisonment of detainees in Guantanamo was widely criticized. Amnesty members arranged worldwide demonstration protesting the ill-treatment of detainees in such prisons. Being a member our motto was to demand humanitarian rights for prisoners and a right to have a fair trial. With strong hopes the Amnesty community continued its work. 

As the US elections proceeded the amnesty community started working on the long term goals. Our motto simply being the reinstatement of humanitarian rights globally. Being a community that awakens at the slightest bit of exploitation of human rights it became essential to draw out a road map. As the world saw history in the making  the members at Amnesty hope for a bigger much effective change. Thereby we consider it our duty to allow everyone to join us in the humanitarian cause. The Amnesty family is open to everyone and anyone that stands up for internationally recognized humanitarian rights.

Being an international member of Amnesty International I am aware of the unbiased approach and the constant work towards a global initiative. The initiative to make the change possible and to knit a community based upon mutual respect for each other. Here’s an amazing video by Amnesty International covering the First 100 days of  Obama’s Preidency 


As members,volunteers,activists, and supporters we all have a role to play. You to can become a part of this initiative by visiting the Activist Page. Sign the Petition and become a part of the Global initiative and bring out the voice that we can indeed counter terrorism with JUSTICE !.

6 thoughts on “A big WOOT for Amnesty!

  1. hi gud work sana n yop!v all r da force to make the dream possible soon.m from pakistan n i wud like 2 hear from u about anything latest or intresting in pakistan in the context of human rights.
    kind regards khubaib kayani

  2. First off i would like to say that I ❤ Amnesty! Second, I totally agree with you. I couldn’t be happier when I heard that Obama decided to shut down Guantanamo. Obama is fighting terrorism in way that does not require our country to sacrifice our commitment to human rights.
    If you haven’t read Amnesty’s news post "Obama- a chance to build respect for human rights" you really should. (http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/obama-chance-build-respect-human-rights-20090128)

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