Tony Benn slams BBC over Gaza Appeal

The recent denial of BBC to broadcast Gaza appeal has sent out severe waves of anguish. BBC has been accused of being bias and pressurized by the Israeli Government. Tony Benn a British socialist politician and President of Stop the war coalition registered his protest in a recent interview with the BBC.He further accused the BBC of bowing under Israeli pressure. He then went ahead on broadcasting the appeal himself an clearly protesting the decision against the appeal. One word for the guy BRAVO. We all should learn a lesson from this and register our prtest in whatever way possible. there is no room fr excused specialy when the severity of the matter urges us to protest as much as possible.The gaza appeal continues and we all should do what ever we can to spread the word.


3 thoughts on “Tony Benn slams BBC over Gaza Appeal

  1. Truth always prevails……understandigly islam has consonance with christianity,very well known by both relgion practationers.Tony Benn, who shows anger on atrocities and havoc played by israel in Ghaza meant to quash freedom movement and to spread hurly burly there,so that inhabitants of Ghaza, in impending days would not be able to raise voices against israel,is one of those who admits the reality and has dare to speak up openly and galantly.
    he supported innocent ppl of Ghaza,which is creditable and it adumberates his sympathetic feelins about palestinian.
    his blurt out speach will encourage others to unfold the truth.

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