Dedicate this Valentine to Palestine

Everything turns a ritual red around mid-Feb. With the ‘love in the air’ business valentines day is celebrated globally. Parties,gifts,flowers and just about anything to make your loved one feel special and loved. A day dedicated to your loved one to make them fill with warmth. Its a day dedicated to express our love and to celebrate the feeling of being in love with just about anyone.

I believe that love is not conditional neither is it bond to tradition. Which puts me in the group of people who don’t really need a day or time to express my love to anyone. Although I have no issues with making my loved ones feel special and in celebrating a day with them in remembrance. So I dedicate this valentine to my brothers and sisters in Palestine. This is because I believe they deserve my love and respect the most this year. A bit more than my family and the loved ones I see and meet every now and then. For my love for them has taught me endurance and the most brutal form of struggle. It is the time where I spend a day in remembrance of all those Muslim brothers and sisters who have lost. For they have lost many things in their undying struggle for freedom. I would urge all the readers if possible to dedicate a moment in the love of Palestine and our Muslim brothers and sisters.


For those who can afford to please donate at:

Palestinian Embassy-051-2293748, Habib bank Account no:22497900126003


Send Cheques at : ‘Lifeline for Gaza’ and sent to Lifeline for Gaza c/o Flat 6, 1-2 Bowling Green Place, London SE1 1YL. (George Galloway’s plea)

Account name:
Lifeline for Gaza
Account address:
Flat 6, 1 Bowling Green Place, London SE1 1YL

Account Number:

Branch Sort Code:




Help spread the word and make this valentine a honest declaration of your love for those who need it the most. I dedicate this day and more to come in the love of Gaza and my Muslim brothers and sisters. Join us at :


3 thoughts on “Dedicate this Valentine to Palestine

  1. Darn it
    I just spent ages typing a long comment, but when I hit the submit button my Internet Explorer freaked out.
    Was it somehow saved or should I retype it all again?

  2. Oh!!! my oppressed Palestinians

    I can’t do anything but pray
    my hands are weapons,if
    they raise, would move heaven,
    rip the land, jolt off the cliffs

    You,re not alone one is always
    There who eyes on every thing
    faced by your people,you will
    definitely receive it’s blessing

    You are not alone there are
    some,who can be your hand
    you can feel their presence in heart
    whatever agony you face,they understand

    Don’t be disappointed, keep marching
    override the camps of jackals,but
    remember without unity and discipline
    enemies can never be hurt

    Strive with firm belief and faith
    victory is aim, which is near
    be lion heart and keep calling
    ALLAH help and hold your gears

    Oh!! my Lions, your roar
    will wipe out your fiends and
    make them flee away with
    cries,yells and empty hands

    ALLAH will reward you on whatever
    you and your people are suffering
    your patience will bring fruits and
    time has come to be the king

    Syed Arshad Alam

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