BEE: Essential journal for Asian women

Its with great pleasure that we announce the press release of Reading Bee magazine. An essential journal for Asian women. A magazine that strives to reflect more about women in Asia. Breaking stereotypes and recognizing the intellectual side of Asian women.

A monthly magazine that talks about women globally. It aims to bring about a bird eye view of the world from the perspective of Asian women. The magazine deals with issues,privelages, opinions and just about anything that interests the intellectual community.
Although the magazines main focus is a women’s perspective the team fully realizes the importance of balance.Bee is a step towards building a crispier perception of women and womenhood in the Asian community. We work towards highlighting issues and fighting injustices.As an editorial member I have strong hopes and faith in our work ahead. Our struggle is towards maintaining gender equalityAsian women play a significant role in all fields of live, whether its media, politics or the financial world. BEE would endeavor to provide these women with intellectual and thought-provoking material catering to their cerebral needs. BEE focuses on deep social issues, political debates, literary and intellectual discussions. It deals with questions of gender equality and women’s rights, and also the more serious issues of domestic violence and forces marriages. These situations get very little coverage in glossy women’s magazine. BEE aims to fill this gap and provide women wit a platform to voice their opinions on these sensitive issues.

The BEE promotional event was held recently at the Nehru center, London. It was widely covered and appreciated by the BBC, Guardian CNN, and British film institute, Walt Disney, NC TV and Aaj Tak. The program was shot by good shot film company. We are looking forward for an amazing launch officially scheduled on the 21 of April 2009 in the House of Lords. I would like to extent warm wishes to the exceptionally cooperative editorial team, writers, contributors and jourmalists who have contributed to the evolution of BEE.






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