The Dogmas of Feminism

If feminism for me could embody in a sentence spoken by someone else it will undoubtedly be :

Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.CHERIS KRAMERAE, A Feminist Dictionary

Opinionated in the most simplest way possible like everything that’s natural.However natural and simple the word feminism is often use to accentuate the tug of war between genders. The real essence of it is in-fact contrary to gender imbalance. Feminism is the voice that appeals most profoundly a need for gender equality. A niche where  basic rights aren’t subjected to gender. It is a struggle for a world with no room for ‘Gender priority’ or perhaps feminismpreference. The first and foremost rule of feminism is the elimination of a secured decree to a respective gender. It signifies a fair judgement based only on the foundations of potential rather gender. It cant be denied that women are subjected to violence more often then men. Neither can it be denied that violence against women takes different names and shapes. For decades  the patriarchal orientation of the society has served its purpose by further deteriorating the  condition of women. The violence has increased over the time masking various reasons and being  justified under various circumstances.

Strangely so I want this women’s day to be different. In the aspect that it should not only be a tribute to womanhood rather gender equality.  A notion that feminism is not the sole property of the women. It is indeed a thought that belongs to both genders respectively. A motive to be able to co-exist and not be suppressed by. An appreciation of the abilities of everyone of us without the misandrist and the misogynist.  The demise of gender chauvinism is the revival of humanity within everyone of us. It is the realization that a society is balanced upon existential integrity among genders.  One of the vital reasons of  prejudice against women is the orientation of the society. The upbringing of a women and the perception that women are victims and men powerful patriarchs. In order to eliminate the prejudice one needs to fight justly. A breakthrough will only happen once we tear down the ritual perception of men and women in the society. The victimization of women becomes more prone when women are made to believe it as fate. The turning point can only be brought about by mere appreciation of mutual rights. To take steps that could lessen the bias otherwise present. So on this women’s day I begin by appreciating the goodness I see around me Just because I am a women. To take this opportunity to thank every man who has intentionally or unintentionally given us the privileges in many ways ( securing a seat in a public bus being the foremost :D). Also to all the women globally who have been through countless struggles simply for being women. A tribute to womanhood and the importance of a women in the society. After all to be able evaluate the social conditions of a nation we most certainly look at the condition of its women.  I am happy and content that in the very fundamentals of  Islam and humanity lies the solution of every problems we face today.

Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women’s issues.

CHARLOTTE BUNCH, “Understanding Feminist Theory,”


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