Long March: Revolution or Civil Disobedience?

The people of lahore witnessed a sea of protesters as the day proceeded. News of the house arrest of Nawaz sharif spread around the country. The morning promised a betrayal a possible deal through back channel. While the Government swore the failure of Judicial Movement the Sharif’s residence depicted a contrary statement. Denying the house arrest Nawaz sharif was seen marching out of his house with hundreds of supporters to back him. The news played a catalyst in urging people to hit the road. By the time the sharif’s procession was at Kalma chowk the number had multiplied to thousands. Tv screens flickered a battle field at GPO chowk where the sharif procession was now headed.. This wasn’t something the nation hadn’t witnessed before. However the strategic resistant by the protesters continued until the police seemingly gave in. Aitezaz ahsan was seen rejecting the house arrest and at the sight of procession. The crowd cheered and marched removing all hurdles that came their way. An unanticipated number of people were seen today marching along for the cause that started nearly 2 years ago. There is no doubt now that the judicial movement is politicized; the real question is how much politics is healthy for the movement? The overwhelming turn out today confirmed that people are determined for change. It is indeed creditable how people have been supporting the cause. The critical point is the increasing number of resignations. The refusal of a few high and low authorities to obey Governments order. This undoubtedly is ‘civil disobedience’. Whether this civil disobedience leads to revolution or chaos remains undecided. The growing tensions among the coalition partners have surely ignited the movement. The determining factor remains whether the Sharif’s will continue to support the Judiciary or settle with ‘back door channels’. So far the support seems steady and a much anticipated decision is hoped within 24 hours. It can’t be denied that the next 24 hours are extremely critical to determine the political fate of our country. Nevertheless the disturbing factor remains the growing trend of protests and their overwhelming strength. This seems to give birth to a new type of empowerment. An empowerment which could be used both for good and bad reasons. Mobilizing people to work up a cause can also be used as a handy tool to destabilize future Governments. To ensure such measures are not abused we need to educate our people and use this empowerment tactfully. The people need to be groomed with patience and the art of tactful negotiations. It’s high time that our common people stop being abused at the hands of political agendas. In any case this sure will be a revolution in terms of a movement which has been heavily backed by people. The politicians however need to become more strategic. There is a need to develop much peaceful ways to get things done. The most common thing among our people is their short term memory. The rest is eradicated through selective amnesia by our lovely politicians. Pakistani’s in my opinion are people who struggle a lot and yet celebrate too easy. We have seen celebrations at the end of nearly every government. The lack of patience is yet evident. Once a government is in power talks about its destabilization starts off. Our people need to learn to build their faiths and to understand that changing Governments will only cause further unrest. With the Long march in the background I can only hope that people remember the struggle and the reason behind it. That the memories of our people like their patience is not short lived. We need to realize that self empowerment is a handy tool only if its completely under our control and not determined by the changes in political rivalry.


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