Restoration of Judiciary: Sparks of Revolution

The two year long turmoil has finally come to an end. The chief Justice of Pakistan Ifthikhar Muhammad Chaudary has finally been restored. The same executive order that once plunged Pakistan into uncertainty has rewarded the very people today. The images of the roaring protesters have dramatically changed into a celebration of victory. The air of hostility has broken into a fresh wave of change. A change that was much anticipated by the strugglers has finally come. Self-empowerment has finally given its verdict. For the first time in the history of Pakistan the nation has finally taken a stance. History has been made by the people today. Although the reservation don’t end here The relief that the nation feels cant be denied but neither can the uncertainties. As people appear to be overwhelmingly satisfied the notion remains whether the future will actually depict change. The importance can only be determined if the change is here to stay.

The most undeniably welcoming change is the role of the Chief of Army staff in the Restoration. The army has been quite notorious in the political scenario A well-deserved appreciation for the army chief and ISI for playing a constructive role. This harmonizes the relationship between army and the normal man to a significant extent. However the real test has only began. A lot of tactful measures need to be taken. The day rekindles hopes for a stronger democratic system. It ensures the co-existence of the army, people and most of all democracy. The role of media in the whole process has also been significant. There is no doubt that empowerment has reached nearly every facet of the nation. With power comes responsibility to handle it in the most constructive way. The media and people are now the sole holders of the future that awaits Pakistan The future that lays great importance on learning from our past The future that would mean nothing if its roots were not strongly besieged in the history. Our most important asset is the history of our struggles and mistakes.

A nation is only strengthening when everyone of its people rekindle the essence of true patriotism. When choices and decisions are solely based on national interest. A point of commitment where the nation’s priority is the obedience of law and justice. We need to make revolution a parent of settlement, and not a nursery for future revolutions. Today am strongly reminded of Jalib and his words

Use zameen pe yeh zulm kab gaawara hai
Nai shaoor ki hai roshni nigahon mein
Ek aag si bhi hai ab apni sard aahon mein
Khilenge phool nazar ke sahar ki bahon mein
Dukhe dilon ko isi aas ka sahara hai
Khuda tumhara nahin hai khuda hamara hai
Use zameen pe yeh zulm kab gawara hai

He does not look kindly on those who oppress
Light of new wisdom we are going to see
A fire flares up, seeing our agony
In this new magical dawn will burst forth the blossoming tree
He brings hopes to those who are mired in distress
God is not yours, to Him we have access
He does not look kindly on those who oppress


3 thoughts on “Restoration of Judiciary: Sparks of Revolution

  1. Assalmoaallikum

    it was a nepenthe decision taken by pro-american Govt established in Pakistan.
    pugnacity went to an end it was a good sign to reinstate the judiciary.and InshaALLAH rule of Law will sprout again and Judiciary would not have any kinda pressure in giving judgments.
    InshaALLAH lost ppl will come into scene again and bloods of innocent martyrs of lal masjid will bring fruits

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