Long March for this eh?


I am quite sure that by now almost every-ones seen the ATM theft video. Its depressing to see the devastation of the young man, as a matter of fact of almost every other person in the country. The security cameras are of no use when the law and order situation in the country remains a BIG FAT QUESTION MARK. Now that the Judiciary has been restored when exactly will the Justice be available.

Perhaps another long march to divert attention to ‘normal’ people’ and their ‘normal’ life problems. If the long march bought long_marchempowerment to the ordinary I would like to see it please. I would like the murderers of the Dawn reporter Tariq Malik arrested and these filthy scoundrels put in their right place.Street crimes in Pakistan has reached an alarming number. If we fail to secure our very own people how can we make Pakistan a safe harbor for the foreigners?. Its sad that the ‘independant’ state is not so independent after all. There is nothing free about this freedom anymore. Normal people like me have to live in constant fear. We don’t wish to become pessimist but cant see the change either. I keep my optimism sharp and handy to put me away from all the surrounding miseries but that’s not going to help anything but ignorance. It will not help the families who have lost their loved ones on account of a petty cell phone. Nothing can make up for the ‘real’ martyrs who weren’t protesters but plain people. People who left their houses to work and raise families and not protest or flaunt pseudo intellectualism. Why must i not think of the majority who has nothing to do with the ongoing political circus. Its easy for me to talk about politics to talk about taking a stand but what about my brothers/sisters whose only motive in life is to at least get a decent living. How is it fair to force the ordinary to be a part of the change they don’t recognize. Why do i not see people pouring out of the street in support of their own?. Too addicted to dictation are we? no excuses now its the so called democracy we brag about. Much apologies for the disappointment but most of us have other worries however ‘innferior’ they may seem. worries about having a shelter for the family their safety and their future which seems a sharp blur every time the power show begins.
The question is when and what exactly is our motive? whose fight are we fighting ? Is it really about us or a power show of tussle between the ‘elite’. I demand justice and I demand it now! because I believe Justice delayed is justice denied. I don’t believe in magic wands but its about time that the other side gets their ‘rear’ to some good use and bring us peace!.
* Not posting videos on the site due to their graphic nature*


4 thoughts on “Long March for this eh?

  1. I am not arguing over the CJ restoration ammar, I am not expecting him to come change things when people don’t take stand. People don’t want to believe they can make a change. And our Prophet PBUH also said ‘like nation like leaders’ didn’t he?. And am not politically correct there is no use to be that in the first place! mere gibberish to the ordinary I tell you.
    What I want isn’t a miracle it doesnt need one to realize that one needs to stand up for ourselves. Not sit back on our rears and
    brag abt ‘kharaab system’

  2. Things dont change over night. Even it took years for some1 like Prophet Muhammed (SAW) to introduce Shariah and implement it. If educated and politically correct people like you will argue for a miracle in one week of CJ restoration then it will help Mush and A-Z followers in their unjust arguments.

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