Codoning Hypocrisy



The atrocities of Taliban are like an unhealed wound flaunting in front of the eyes of the sympathizer. The victims however continue to stand up as staunch survivors. Survivors that spit back at the faces of inhumane barbarism. Talibans are known to feed and flourish in the name of religion. A religion that can have no other name but misogynism. An ideology not build on ground of ethics, morals or religion for that matter. The school of thought that gives freedom to self appointed savages. The world has witnessed horrifying and shameless activities by the talibans. It is now time for the recent history to repeat itself. Reminiscing horrors of the afghan women eases the shocking images from the tribal areas of Pakistan.

A recent video released shows Taliban’s flogging a 17 year old girl for going to the market with a boy. According to scholars and analysts “The Islamic law no where permits such punishments to be carried out. The marked punishment of adultery is not valid until very strict circumstances are met. The value of a women’s character is held up quite strictly according to Islamic principles.”

However the peace loving pseudo intellectual opinions were subsided with many ‘bearded savages’ who claimed the incident as Islamic. Their opinions strongly reminded me of a famous saying in Urdu ‘ Darhi main Islam nahin balkay Islam main darhi hai’ – Islam isn’t the part of beard , its beard that is a part of Islamic culture. More elaborately those with beards don’t automatically become the pioneers of Islam not when you are sane and religiously enlightened. The atrocities of Taliban have always been open to the world. Quite openly since after the US led war on terror. I fail to understand why the media hype about the flogging video. My utter shock isn’t because I consider the incident any less severe but because it is not unique and definitely not something we don’t expect from the Taliban’s. This is but only a glimpse of the notorious regime of the Taliban’s. I say we should protest about this in the most bold form possible. However let this be a gateway to more protests and realization. An eye opener to the activities of Taliban that the media has still not covered. The plea of my brother’s and sister’s in parachinar. The holler of all the mother’s of the martyrs butchered because of their belief. The rapes of all those sisters that has been deemed ‘halal’ merely because they belong to a sect our self appointed God’s don’t approve of. How much is too much ?. I wonder why these video as weren’t released while the meia urged for peace treaties with these talibans. I wonder if this isn’t a mere tactic to justify the increasing drone attacks. If this isn’t yet another plea highlighted only to make us fall head first into more controversies.

Let us not follow the hypocrites. We should make this plea louder, bolder and more relevant to all the victims of talibznization. Lets stand united and strive for elimination of Talibanization and a call for all those to be tried for ‘Crimes against humanity’ . We have the choice to back our brothers and sisters and Islam and ensure that our sympathies belong to everyone irrespective of gender or sect.


4 thoughts on “Codoning Hypocrisy

  1. @waqas: dude talibans themselves are the fruits of CIA and dictatorship

    Syed Arshad Alam: Well all these so called mujahids make slaughtering videos all the time? why is flogging different?

  2. it was well fabricated video went fly through media.
    taliban were against of making videos so how could they have pictured it.

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