BEE: Launch in pictures!

We are here!! the lauch happened at the House of Lords,England. Grab your copy at WHSmith and Borders :D.


Before I post the pictures I would like to thank the most co-operative and brilliant team to work with. I am indeed a proud member of the BEE family. We are here to fullfill your intellectual needs. BEE focuses on breaking the stereotypic chit chat gossipy image of most Asian publications and entice your cerebral senses.

And now the Heart-Breaker


Truly A heart-Breaker cause I couldnt make it *momment of selfishness* but that obviously didnt stop us from going all out there with a BANG. The day we all worked for quite sometime now here with no compromises n quality and with all arrangements better than the best. Once again a BIG wooot for the team! Much more to come !


More pics to come soon !!


6 thoughts on “BEE: Launch in pictures!

  1. @ Ammar: Thank you 🙂 and I hope there are much much bigger events to attend 😛

    @ Haris: Stop it u greedy lil kid ! 😀

    @ Fari: I couldnt go *shoots herself*

    @Waqas: ahaha 😀 i know write first article of the mag wooot 😀 thnx dude 🙂

  2. You will be there when they in dubai :P, relax, just be happy ur the first to be read 😛 loll

    gj dude, i wish u more succes, rock on 🙂

  3. Congrats! *applause* 😀 Inshallah, you’ll make it there next time!

    But remember, next time if you plan NOT to go, you can always pass the invitation to me 😛

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