Ethnic tensions haunt Karachi

Much near the same time two years back Karachi bled and burned. 12th may 2007 turned out to be a day filled with violence. Two years down the blame game continues. Even with solid media coverage nothing could be proved. Every Political party came up with their own footage bashing the opponent. So the culprits were never really identified. The reason then was to refrain the Chief Justice’s visit to Karachi. 12cnd-karachi6501 Pretty much the same incidents were repeated yesterday. This time talibanization is being blames. It seems much likely that this strategy is the key for rioting without accountability. While most people claim this to be a clash between Pakhtun’s and MQM. Again their is no significant proof to back this statements. Pakhtun’s and MQM workers have been targeted but both continue to deny involvement. Most of the miscreants in Karachi are mostly blamed on MQM. Despite the fact that I don’t completely agree with MQM’s political mandate this surely doesn’t give me a reason to blame every incident vainly on the party. It seems a very ignorant approach . Specially considering that the party is currently in power in Karachi. The blame game on either side will not solve our problems. Pakistan Judicial CrisisMost of the people seem to have lost compete confidence. Whether this is talibanization or ethnic violence it needs to be stopped. We cant afford further delays at the hands of dirty political propaganda. We can no longer afford frequent spasms of everyday life. This uncertainty is costing us life and business. Karachiites have faced enough violence. The political clashes seem never ending. I strongly believe that we are indeed survivors and not victims. That our people have fathomed the art of survival in the worst possible conditions. However this seems more like a curse than an achievement . I say this because I feel that this art has made us stagnant. It has made us rather immune to the happenings around us. A wave of pessimism that has engulfed least bit of motivation. The hope that this should not be taken as a ‘usual’ and ignored. The authorities play a silent audience while the city bleeds. It seems that a ‘threshold’ of bloodshed should be reached to attract slight bit of attention from the authorities. In such situations we are left with nothing but vague ideas of learning self defence in a desperate attempt to safe our family and loved ones. The least that could be done is to train the ordinary civilian to use self defence tactfully. After all the arms and ammunition should be used in defence and not only for miscreants. Karachi cant be denied the right of being the financial hub of the country. keeping that in mind shouldn’t there be a decent law and order situation to avoid any intrusion let it be ethnic or extremists ?. let there be peace! Let the city of light dwell back into life and shower in glory!.

5 thoughts on “Ethnic tensions haunt Karachi

  1. People of Pakistan and specially of Karachi have developed all sorts of psychological problems too because of years of tense environment. Why does this all happen…because no one likes justice to prevail. Justice is good if it favors me.
    Injustice, lack of real education ( not degrees) and poverty are the main causes and none of the political party wants to address any of these issues clearly and sincerely.

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