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Every time I count  my blessings am overwhelmed by the magnitude.This post is a show of Gratitude for all those who have volunteered to help in the Swat Crisis. The worst possible crisis has hit Pakistan. According to the UN the swat crisis is leading on to become the second worst crisis in the world after Darfur. Keeping that in mind I started brainstorming ideas to get all relief organizations on to one platform. To create a portal where anyone could find all listed organization working for relief.
I was overwhelmed by the response, Bilal was the first to respond and help me along. I am extremely thankful for team teabreak (asim imitiaz and ammar yasir) for letting us use Teabreak for the Bloggers campaign . What better than getting a campaign launched with an instant coverage to over 900 Bloggers.
We went on to launch the Coverit live console in order to include all our friends out there who are raising the voice on twitter. The portal is up and running with serious discussion and information regarding relief operations.
I would really like to thank Faisal Kapadia ,Kulsoom, and Dr. Awab alvi or getting on board with us on the console. Also very pleased that Kashif Aziz of chowrangi was among the first to donate his post for the Swat Plea Blog.
Thanks a lot people this is our struggle. We need more spirit and I am sure we will be out there doing our best. There’s a out more to be covered by The Swat Plea blog. For all those who wish to participate,comment,suggest or contribute in any other way please drop in a comment.

We are Live:

The Swat Plea

4 thoughts on “The Swat Plea Blog !

  1. I am a journalist from Mumbai,India. I wish to express my solidarity for the suffering people of Swat.

    I had written about Swat in the past and this time would like to highlight the problems of Swat people holed up in camps. Can anyone help me in making contact with any one of the refugee in the camp for an interview. Alternatively someone who have asses to these people can help getting answers from these people to my questions sent by mail.

  2. sana!! please contact me i have to discuss very important thing!!…
    you can have my email!!

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