Amnesty International: Irene Khan answers Questions

Amnesty International is a Global movement of Humanitarians not bound to borders of territories. Previously I have appreciated and blogged about Amnesty’s Vision and Universal Declaration. Being an International member I have been quite active in taking up appeals and acting on human right violation alerts by Amnesty. Among the most commendable ones is Amnesty’s voice against Human right violation in Guantanamo BayGaza Conflict and of course their constant efforts towards freedom of speech by speaking against imprisonment of journalist like Rozanne Sabri.

This being part of the reason why I hoped to the opportunity in asking a direct question to Irene Khan Secretary General of Amnesty International . She was live at the BBC World Have Your Say show talking about Amnesty International’s annual report and taking up questions.

My Question To Irene:

Irene Khan on Pakistan Crisis.mp3

With that I am hoping that Amnesty continues to highlight humanitarian crisis in Pakistan which will allow  attention and aid. Here’s urging everyone to join in as International Members and get Your passport to human rights , As I have mine 😀

Questions continued to pour in through Blog,twitter and phone calls and Irene elaborated on Amnesty’s stance various issues. Amnesty’s International report 2009 is out and highlights whereas issues

The annual report can be bought or downloaded here:

Amnesty International Annual Report 2009

The report emphasizes that:

  • “The world needs a different kind of leadership, a different kind of politics as well as economics – something that works for all and not just for a favoured few.”
  • “…the G-20 must subscribe to global values and confront their own tarnished records and double standards on human rights.”
  • “Governments should invest in human rights as purposefully as they are investing in economic growth.”
  • “We also “demand dignity” for prisoners of poverty so that they can change their own lives.”

Amnesty’s Annual report pays strong emphasis on Empowering the world’s poor demanding dignity for them. Amnesty’s updates regarding the situation in Pakistan with respect to trapped civilians in Malakand division states:

“The thousands of people in Malakand, who have not been able to flee, now face a major humanitarian crisis,” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific director. “The Taleban have shown no regard for their safety and well-being, but now the army seems to be pursuing a scorched earth policy.”

“The Pakistani military should act immediately to help civilians reach safety, and to ensure that food, fuel, and medical supplies reach those still trapped in Malakand,” said Sam Zarifi.

Meanwhile, residents told Amnesty International that Taleban insurgents have used health facilities, schools, and residential areas to hide and launch attacks from, thus knowingly drawing a military response from the Pakistani military.

“The Pakistani government seems to relax the curfew at times to get civilians away from fighting,” said Sam Zarifi. “But even after the civilians have left, the warring sides have to avoid targeting civilian objects like hospitals and schools.”

Here’s hoping that Amnesty International will continue to highlight the Humanitarian Crisis in Pakistan and gather the attention of teh Global community. We need to rehabilitate these people and have them sent to their homes at the earliest. the global community is requested to participate in aiding those effected by the ongoing military operation in Pakistan’s Norther areas.

The rest of the Broadcast can be heard here:


Act Now : Global Themes For Action

Special thanks  to the BBC World Have Your Say  team for being extremely co-operative and giving me and others the chance to get our Queries across.Read their Blog for upcoming discussions and get your opinion heard!


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