Beyond the war with the Talibans

Every new day ignites the inferno of fear and uncertainty ,such is the state of my country. While we are at war in our northern areas ,it wont be an implausible confession that the rest of the Country is no less than a battlefield. Or possibly worse as the target seems to be varied and the enemy has but one aim, maximum destruction. The military claims collateral damage as the operation intensifies . The military action has already cost over 81 lives of military men while over 250 have been injured .Most importantly it has also triggered the second largest Humanitarian crisis in the world over 3.2 million homeless.

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Despite the chaotic scenario one is overwhelmed by the spirit of those who have suffered most in the situation. Many working on ground convey the spirits of those who irrespective of their conditions show great support for military. These people have lost their homes, and life for them has come to a halt ever since the tussle with Taliban. Yet they continue to support and have strong faith in the ongoing military operation. The strength of these people leaves me perplexed ,are they hoping for the unattainable?. As much as one wants these people to be in the comfort of their homes, the genuine need for the operation to go on cant be denied. In fact the very thought of halting the military operation brings back the faces of the brave martyrs who have given their life to the cause. Their families that put up a brave front in hopes that their loved ones have not lost their lives in vain. With their pain comes the enthusiasm to completely throttle the enemy.

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A few things are very clear now , that the war must go on till we rid ourselves from the insurgency that has cost us much more than human lives. Regardless of what must be done I find myself dumbfounded at the things at stake.
Just about today 400 cadets were kidnapped while they made their way back to bannu. Their hostel being evacuated and closed down on security basis. Nothing can be said for certain regarding the safety of these students. None of them were at war , none of them killed a talib yet their life is at stake today. It pains me that while I will type this off and sleep their mothers will be tearing helpless for their sons, who were out to study ,not rage war. How different is this mother today from the mother of an army man at the battlefield?, the latter perhaps is more prepared for the consequences. The truth is while many of us drain our pseudo intellectualism the majority wants peace and safety for their loved ones regardless. Their only hope is for peace their only stance the safety of their loved ones. My only question how long till we deny them the basic rights?

Update: Around 40 students and 2 teachers are still being held hostage, the rest have safely made it home.

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