Sania Saeed’s ‘ Main Adakara Banun Gi’

Main Adakara Banun Gi is a play being staged at The Arts Council from June 6 – 9, 2009 from 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm. Grab your tickets from Agha's or Rain Tree Spa at the Forum

For me theatre is the form of art that personifies basic and commonplace emotions–, love of woman , love of country, love of right, anger, jealousy, revenge, ambition, lust, and treachery. Its either the portrayal of the  society at present or the cultural myths of the past. In any form theatre if done honestly has the tendency to educate audiences in the most effective way. My recent meeting with Sania Saeed at the CIO web studio made this philosophical  rambling more realistic  I was thrilled upon hearing the opportunity to meet her in person and of course  grabbed it with no second thoughts.

Photo Credit: Jamash

It was my first time at the web studio meeting Rabia Garib and Jehan ara madam ,who made it a point to make us all feel very comfortable. With Sania’s humbleness it took us no time to start with all the rant.  Besides  sharing incidents about fans running into her in super markets ,we also introduced her to the wonders of blogging and the twitter world *chuckles*.  She blew us away with her insight on theatre and acting as a whole. Speaking for myself I have always been a fan of Sania but to actually witness her passion for work has made me respect  her even more. As Sania admits romanticizing her work ,for audiences such as me it made watching her play all the very necessary. Its more appealing to know the amount of honesty and passion that goes out in an artists work. So I know as I plan to watch ‘Main adakara Banogy’ ,that I am in for a treat.  The play has been adapted from ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Rusal and is written by Baber Jamal. A comedy that promises to be socially relevant, exactly what we  need in today’s time.  The ticket is priced at Rs. 700 and is available at Agha’s and Raintree Spa at the forum .

Besides humorous theatre one also gets to contribute to a noble cause, the proceeds will go to charitable programs of the Rotary Club of Karachi. We were also joined by Shahzad  representing Karachi Rotary (yes  I am mentioning everyone in chronological order of appearance at the CIO office *ehhe*). The Rotary Club of Karachi is doing an amazing by providing artificial limbs to the handicapped. The project was initially started off at the time of the Kashmir quake ‘05 and has been going steady till date. This is exceptionally commendable in today’s time where quantity of relief compromises ‘strategy’.  We certainly require a strategic approach towards helping people rather than overdrive of resources. With all said and done I also learned quite a few things from the meeting. First and foremost that we need to start respecting our artist community for the work they do.The misconceptions about the over-hyped celebrity life tends to make us act /feel differently. Like us they too have issues with powercuts,mobile snatching,political circus and not to forget the ‘Loud’ musical torture illegally built marriage halls hurl our way. Yet they leave all that back home while they come on stage to entertain us , and we should too !

All this together leaves no excuse for us to miss out the amazing event at the Karachi Arts Council from the 6th-9th June 8.30 pm. Lets stop ranting and reading and get ourselves  a seat at ‘Main Adakara Banungy’ so grab your ticket now and be a part of  the exceptional performances and most of all a noble cause. Now I shall end my rant and have you all watch our Fungama at the CIO webstudio here *don’t forget to comment*

PS: Special thanks to Rabia Garib and madam Jehan Ara for inviting us over. Sania Saeed for letting us fascinate her with the wonders of blogging and giving us a sneak peek into a life of a celebrity *a well deserved one*. Shahzad for a detailed insight on Rotary’s past and future Charity plans.

PPS: I refuse to thank Fariha Akhtar , (as shamesless as I might be considered  as she was the one who got me at the web studio) because of her  extreme selfishness due to which I had to munch on  ’Vanilla’ Icecream where it very well could have been chocolate *drooling*. No candy for you my friend. And Jamash the paparazzi bhaye for taking  ugly pictures and the blackmailing for a ‘chocolate cheese cake’ sigh!


13 thoughts on “Sania Saeed’s ‘ Main Adakara Banun Gi’

  1. lolz @ bharkeeli yellow

    Sania has been our all time favourite. Her dramas are more than awesome. I also loved her talk show ‘Maan’.

    And Jahan Ara is one of those women who are my inspiration 🙂

  2. “Rotary is doing an excellent job with the Jaipur foot project and I for one have already bought tickets for Monday nite!”

    See sana, we are not just a ROTI club but a ROTARY CLUB 😛

  3. i like Sania can i forget her acting in the drama Aahat *dreamy*
    i recognized jehan ara, which one are you?

  4. Rotary is doing an excellent job with the Jaipur foot project and I for one have already bought tickets for Monday nite!

    I wish I was there with y’all at the meetup. Sania has been an inspiring figure and her dramas have always been enjoyable and educating. Unfortunately, the timing conflicted with work. 😦 (that and I’m not a full fledged blaager yet).

    I’m looking forward to sending Tweets to @saniasaeed soon. (if u did a good enough job explaining Twitter) 🙂

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