Down With Drones!

“But ultimately these are decisions to be made by the Pakistani government and the Pakistani people. What the United States believes is, is that we are a partner in the process of peace-loving nations seeking to root out extremism, increase development, and that is the kind of role that we want to play with Pakistan”     said President Obama on his first one on one with Pakistan earlier this week.

Just days after President’s address a US drone attack killed 60 at a funeral progression in south Waziristan. The funeral was being held for those killed in a drone attack earlier in the day. According to THE NEWS : Until April 2009 there have been over 60 drone attacks, only 10 were able to hit their actual targets, killing 14 wanted al-Qaeda leaders, besides perishing 687 innocent Pakistani civilians.The  ‘success’ ration speaks for itself. However the cost of over 700 innocent lives isn’t worthy enough to be answered by President Obama. When asked about the drone attacks he preferred assuring that he had no intention of sending US troops into Pakistan. Of course it will be unnecessarily as ‘unmanned’ killer machines execute the target quite tactfully. Upon addressing the army offensive in south Waziristan Obama said ‘The Pakistani government is accountable to the people of Pakistan’. My question to President Obama is what answers does our ‘friendly allie’ expect us to give to the families of hundreds of innocents killed by continuous drone attacks ?.

Photo Courtesy : Wired- US Drones Parked inside Paksitans territory
Photo Courtesy : Wired- US Drones Parked inside Pakistan's territory

The continuous drone strikes are provoking anger among the locals. An upheaval that is bound to dwindle faith on the military offensive among the locals. An incentive that will allow the Taliban’s to recruit more veterans into their mindless army. The efforts of the army to prevent collateral  damage deem futile as drone attacks continue. The US however views the ‘drone’ attacks as a tactful way to eliminate targets. A tough posture from Pakistan against the US air strikes is met with criticism on our sincerity on the war of terror. A war that was brought upon us while we tried to play ‘first hand allies. In January ‘2009 soon after resuming office the Obama’s administration authorized Air strikes with in Pakistan. A  CNN overview of the authorized air strikes can seen in this video:

Photo Courtesy: Spencer Platt/ Getty Images
Photo Courtesy: Spencer Platt/ Getty Image

After decades of working with and for the US , we are met with criticism and dubiousness. How many more innocent lives will be lost before the US would learn to trust us?. This is a war inside our borders, targeting our people ,effecting our lives yet it manages to question our sincerity. The only sincerity in question should be of the US on the war of terror. It is no myth that the Taliban will be taking full on advantage of the civilian deaths to serve their purpose. The continuous killings of innocent civilians is fueling the Taliban inferno. The aftermath of which will be endured by the people of Pakistan . It is time now that President Obama proves true to his words. Neither his middle name nor his rhetorical oratory will help save Pakistan from the crisis at hand. The people of Pakistan question the sincerity of the United states on this war that’s left us all bleeding. Why are innocent live being sabotaged in a war that promises to bring peace. The negligence form the US speaks volume of their ‘interest’ in the lives of our people. The incompetence of our state is further aggravating the situation. In the backdrop of the upheaval it will not be far-fetched to expect a backlash. The frustration that is seemingly evolving in to a ‘civil war’. Amid the chaos the normal Pakistani is appalled at the possibilities of the future. We are at the epicenter of a chaos whose mentors play Silent Gods while they watch our people bleed.


10 thoughts on “Down With Drones!

  1. I may be off topic here. But I have to say:

    “This is a war inside our borders, targeting our people ,effecting our lives yet it manages to question our sincerity. The only sincerity in question should be of the US on the war of terror. It is no myth that the Taliban will be taking full on advantage of the civilian deaths to serve their purpose.”

    “This is a war inside our borders”… Just this one? What about the other war, the one that’s displacing millions? Under the pretext of getting rid of the “scourge” of the Taliban, a bunch of gangsters devoid of any ideology apart from drugs, and arguably getting their arms from the US? Spurred on by not only actual events but moreso by state propaganda and fraudulent videos? That war is part of the US “war on terror” too, the one that breeds the terror that justifies the former.

    While you cry about the drones (and I do too), I don’t think the displacement of hundreds of thousands is worth it either. We’re just breeding an entire generation of frustrated refugees, we’re dunking our entire whatever-might-have-been-left-of-a-future in a quicksand of ignorance, frustration, violence, trauma and miseducation.
    This war is never going to get rid of the “Taliban”, until the US decides its real targets have been achieved, and those targets are not the “war on terror”, just as they were never “WMDs”. But we love to regurgitate everything we hear, don’t we. We can’t sit down and think for a while and learn lessons from (very recent) history.

  2. What i don’t understand is, that we curse US and the drones and their policies to damnation, and we object so strongly to the US interference in our region; But in the times of economic or infact ANY crises, we run to US for help. Our government quite blatantly begs for military aid, money and what not from the US. We invite them to interfere in our business and so they make it theirs.

    I am not justifying the loss of innocent lives with the drones, I just want everyone to open up their eyes and look at the reality the way it is. Its easy to blame someone else especially US or India for everything going wrong in our country. It would be better if we spend our energies becoming self reliant and independent so that we can kick the ass of anyone who tries to interfere in our matters.

  3. @arifa: welcome to my blog 🙂 and thank you for acknowledging the fact tht they should stop poking their noses into our business.

    @bhi: Welcome to my blog 🙂 Kisi ko bhi Pakistan fauj ka kaam asaan karnay ki zaroorat nahin hai. Many lashkars and locals have volunteered to help the army. These people can be very handy when it comes to swiftly identifying the ‘millitants’.
    And yes your comparison between the army and the drones is beyond me. It would have been very convenient to barge into swat with the air force.
    But it was preferred to be an army led operation, to avoid minimum damage to cops,buildings and people.
    You should also be aware that the army itself has people belonging from the northern areas and the others too have sentiments attached to the people and the area. The only reasons its taking so much time for the army operation is because they are minimizing collateral damage.Its our areas and our enemy , the continuous drone attacks will only incite more anger.

  4. Bhi,

    to kiaa hogaya? Pakistani Fauj kaa kaam asaan hogaya?
    Pakistani artillery shell girtey tabb bhee to na-haq log martey, yaa pakistanion kai pass smart artillery hai jo sirf dushmanon per girtee hai?

  5. I have just one thing to say:

    Who the bloody —- is U.S. to tell Pakistan what they should do? Be it in a diplomatic manner (obviously).
    So to speak Ahmedinejad is evil and this and that and whatnot, but I admire his stance against being patronised by the West. Why can Pakistan not stand up to the West like that?
    I don’t support Taliban, but I don’t support the drones either!
    I agree 100% with your post. The 14 killed are in no way worthy of the blood lost of so many innocent civillians. These are human lives, not ragged dolls for the love of God.

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