Pedophilia in Pakistan: The Unheard Victims

* Sehrish is a fictional name given to a  real character, solely  for the purpose of giving a clear understanding. Pedophilia is not new in Pakistan, many victims are still living on fighting their horrors.

Sehrish’s Story:

I stood there looking at the horrified faces of my family. Their eyes glued to the Television screen  followed by occasional nods of disapproval. Being discrete never seem to work, with my  presence now the news channel was conveniently flipped.  Even though my dad wasn’t able to rub off the expression on his face.

‘what has the world come to’ he said ‘ raping a 3 year old and dumping her into the sewer .Inhumane Filthy animals, what have we become its unbelievable nowadays’.

I had to stop the urge, managing a mumble  to myself  ‘this isn’t new, this has been happening for years, unnoticed  ,unspoken violence’.

She wanted to kill herself for the thought that may be  Sana’s death would open people’s eyes to this world of savagery, may be it was a sign. A sign that would put parents in a cautious state, make them acknowledge the risks out there for their children.  As absurd at may sound but Sana’s story would have cut the suffering short for me, if not preventing it.  If only my parents and the parents of many other like me would have known how often kids fall victim to pedophilia.  I want to scream out and say this isn’t the first victim, that this isn’t a thing of today, that many victims like me continue to live the horrors of their past.

The world should acknowledge that I exist. That I have fought and survived this, so the world should know and prevent. I choose not to be a victim , I choose to be a survivor living to make the change happen.

The Facts :

KARACHI: A judicial magistrate on Thursday transferred the kidnap-cum-murder case of a three-year-old girl to an anti-terrorism court.

Photo Courtesy:Dawn

Police constables Bashir Ahmed and Noor Mohammad allegedly kidnapped Sana on July 3 when she was playing with her friends near her home in Korangi, killed her and dumped the body into a manhole near the FTC building. The prosecution said the body was recovered on a lead given by the suspects.

Sana’s case has now been transferred to the anti terrorism court. The assaulter are  currently in police custody.  Sana’s mother says she will settle for nothing else but burning the assaulter alive with her bare hands.

With her case in the mainstream media and n courts, I hope that this doesn’t end here. That this becomes the pivot  for change. Time to acknowledge that many have suffered at the hands of Pedophilia, and its about time that this should be stopped.  Lets not  wait for more frail dead bodies to pile up ,more scars to be made. Lets open our eyes to this and acknowledge its presence, on then will we be able to fight it.

Naveen Naqvi ,popular media person and Senior Anchor at Dawn TV’s  Breakfast with dawn shares her memoirs:

I recount this incident now because it came back to me when I read the story of three-year-old Sana, raped, beaten to death and dumped in a gutter by a couple of police constables. Not that there’s any comparison whatsoever between the two cases. It is just to say there are Sanas all over the world. Those who survive even minor acts of molestation or harassment (if there can be such a thing as ‘minor’ violations) are indelibly marked for the rest of their lives in innumerable ways. Speaking out now is just my way of saying that we have to find a way to keep our girls safe.

One of those working for the change is ROZAN, an NGO helping victims of pedophilia. Educating children by means of animated cartoons and warning parents to llok for signs. Hats off to the team. Please support their cause.

Read Naveen Naqvi’s piece here


12 thoughts on “Pedophilia in Pakistan: The Unheard Victims

  1. Hi,
    Its odd that the first page i turn up had my real name on it. I have always heard that 8 out of 10 have been in one way or another sexually abused, but I never believed it until last night when my group of friends, one by one revealed the secrets of their childhood past. 5 out of the 6 of us have been a victim of molestation in their childhood in Pakistan. It sickens me to my stomach that in a country like Pakistan, which is so called an Islamic state, people are nothing but far away from Islam.
    I badly want to do something about it… i dont know what.. but something. I hope all of us can get together to find a way to prevent this from happening further.

  2. Sana. A very well-written article and thanks for highlighting this sensitive issue. I want to convey to everyone that saying that “Don’t trust the strangers” is no more true so, plz don’t trust anyone when it comes to your kids. Now adays predators are mostly the people that are very well trustworthy in family.

    I am so ashamed of the fact that our country has no proper legislation on child rights. We are too many other issues at priority and our government seems not to care for it present and future “Our children”.

  3. Regretfully this is a nice piece of article.

    This is evil.

    Islam instructs the Muslims to fight evil.

    Is it more evil to draw a caricature of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon Him) or to TOLERATE pedophilia (i am not saying molesting).

    By the way, speaking of caricatures of the Holy Prophet how can those who raised a hue and cry about it be such fools.
    Islam teaches the Muslims that except the very pious Muslims can dream of the Holy Prophet and that the devil can not take his face.

    Remember the guy who pissed in the masjid and the Holy Prophet prevented his companions from beating him up.

    Be tolerant.

  4. A very well written post Sana, the Sehrish’s story just broke my heart ;( though it was fictional. Its hard to imagine how these ppl are walking freely among us and no one hardly finds out their bestiality. Its high time that we educate our parents and families to protect their children.

  5. Thanks for raising this important issue. It definitely needs more awareness.

    Every parent thinks that this can’t happen to their child…. and this often results in failure to teach their child basic knowledge of how to protect themselves if faced with such a situation..

  6. Thanks for raising this important issue. It definitely needs more awareness.

    Every parent thinks that this can’t happen to their child…. and this results it failure to teach their child basic knowledge of how to protect themselves if faced with such a situation..

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