Kolachi Tweet Up’09 -Tweet Tweet !

Now that Blaggers have invaded twitteristan a tweet up seemed absolutely necessary. Like all the other meet ups this too was a last minute announcement. I would really like to appreciate Badar Khushnood,Rabia Ghraib and Salaina Haroon (also the entire team of CIO) for the amazing arrangements. Apart from the usual blaggers we also had with us Bina shah (writer), Bushra Haqi ( Marketing Manager dawn), Noor-ul-huda (Producer Aag tv) and many more new faces.  The meet up was co-sponsored by dawn, intel ,CIO and Google.

Tweet up
Photo Courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain

We started with our introductions which included our twitter ids. Many tweeps not using their own name were introduced as well (muhaha    now we know who you are).  Besides all the fun we got into some brainstorming sessions. Starting with how we  twitter and what kind of people we like to follow. People  like  Bina Shah,  Faisal Kapadia and myself use twitter to get various ideas on stories we want to write about.  Madam Jehan Ara talked about how twitter helps her get sources too, like getting volunteers for the IDP relief drive. Although Dr.Awab couldn’t join us ,he was mentioned, his relief drive for IDPs was also through twitter. Sharing experiences and educating other non tweeps about how twitter can be a handy tool was fun. One other person missing and missed was Naveen Naqvi.  She’s actually brought Breakfast at dawn into our lives. Not to forget she is the only anchor to live tweet on air. We get an insight scoop on the guest to be and hence get to ask (read grill) questions.Its really nice to have such a platform , where we can pose our questions and suggestions directly to the mainstream media. (  I believe Naveen and BAD deserve a separate post).Towards the end of the event Goggle and CIO announced their partnership with dawn in sponsoring Pakistan’s first Bloggers awards. This will be a major boost of encouragements for bloggers and a big step for the Pakistani Blogosphere.

While talking about the kind of people we follow, various ideas were floated. Sabeen Mahmud confessed she doesn’t follow back everyone who follows her. She added that it is very difficult to keep track of people if you keep adding to many. For Sabeen reading twitter bios and  tracking previous tweets help make the decision. This is something I relate to as well, I believe If I don’t know the person the Bio or relevant tweets help.

Talking about what kind of people we unfollow it was interesting to see the similarity. Most tweeples agreed that they would unfollow people posting too many links. The discussion then went on about privacy and how twitter can be abused or can violate privacy. Although it quite simply comes down to how we use it.

Photo Courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain
Photo Courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain

On winding up our motto’s, till the next meet up, most tweeples agreed on using blogging and microblogging (twitter) to paint a positive image of Pakistan.Overall the event was loads of fun and a great way to learn and network. With the Go-Green campaign all set to take over twitter, there is no doubt that we shall be using twitter as a handy tool in promoting our work ,issues and national achievements.


5 thoughts on “Kolachi Tweet Up’09 -Tweet Tweet !

  1. Great! pakistani blogsphare is really spreading, such meet ups are really helpful for bloggers, hope to hear about the same meeting in Islamabad as well.

  2. Interesting view on the Karachi tweetup; I was there for the Lahore one, and although we didn’t have as many writers in our midst, it was a cool (and for me, as a first-timer) and as you said, a great networking experience.

    Though I’m not Green yet, who knows? I might be, in the future. Nice, detailed write up.

    Btw, I came from Batty’s blog in case you’re wondering where and how I just arrived on your blog. 🙂 I know I’d be feeling the same thing.

  3. Wish I could have been there! Though based in London I use Twitter mainly to get up-to-date with what’s happening in Pakistan.

    The Pakistan Twitter community is very friendly and welcoming. I think its influence and impact is only going to grow.

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