Breakfast At Dawn-My Experience

Even though am terribly lazy these days,I must not delay the write up about Breakfast at Dawn (BAD). I have already mentioned earlier about Naveen Naqvi (popularly known as the rock-star of twitter) and her brilliance which has brought Breakfast at dawn into the twitter-sphere and into our lives. It has been a very exciting opportunity for all the tweeps.

Giving us a Platform to put up our questions to her guests (which also included questioning scholars on Gojra,women right bill discussions, and the kesc breakdown and much more). Naveen doesn’t only inform us regarding her shows discussion in advance, she also takes our questions and quotes our opinions live on air. She has brought Breakfast at Dawn into our lives and given us a platform to put our thoughts on mainstream media. So when she asked whether I could make it to her show, my over excitement was  quite justified. I must add that being at breakfast at dawn was an amazing experience, Naveen being the professional she is made me and Faisal Kapadia really comfortable. I loved being on her show and hope to go back soon also (the latter is only a joke :P).

So here’s the video, special thanks to @stupefy !
Part 1:

Part 2:

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