Of Ban(s) And Difficult Choices

So I know ever since the blanket ban on social media in Pakistan, most of us don’t have a life anymore. Yes I know I know we must get out and meet ‘real’ people. But hey it’s not all that easy, there are quite a few things to consider to avoid fatal circumstances.
a: Poking people in real life might not be as fun. Consequently the reaction might not be as fun either.
b: Not very polite when someones cracked a joke and you sit there with the you-are-not-so-funny expression. Whereas the virtual world gives you plethora of options LOL,ROFL,LMAO, and ROTFL without even bothering to smile. Saves a lot of hearts from breaking.
c: Imagine getting a ‘frandsheep’ request in real life? *ewwww*
This is only a small list of many other absolutely essential and life-saving tools. We can no longer afford the injustice specially when the campaign page has been taken down too. But until they revoke the ban we must use our right to express how we truly feel about the ban. Please participate in the poll above all for your satisfaction.


9 thoughts on “Of Ban(s) And Difficult Choices

  1. Sana Saleem, remember, Islam never allows Muslims to offer other cheek, if slapped on one. Under the circumstances, it must be an eye for an eye. Have everybody forgotten the reaction of the Jews and the west on the recent statements of Iranian leadership on holocaust. “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

  2. Sana Saleem, I totally disagree with your suggestion.

    In fact, I am going to write to the SG OIC, with the proposal to immediately direct, all 54 member countries, to plug off Fb from their usage, like Pakistan has done it.

    And Inshaallah, you will see the result of boycott of 1.5 billion Muslim population. The Fb people will come to OIC begging with apology and requesting to be excused.

    You are also requested to reconsider your proposal and play your role in uniting the Muslim Ummah, against the heinous conspiracies against our belief and faith.

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