FTX Pakistan: The Experience And More

What is FTX?

The Feminist Tech Exchange, also known as the FTX, was developed in response to calls from feminist and women’s rights movements for greater understanding of emerging technologies, their potential and impact on the rights and lives of women.

Through skills sharing, information exchange and discussions, the FTX explores feminist practices and politics of technology, and raises awareness on the critical role of communication rights in the struggle to advance women’s rights worldwide.

FTX Gangs- Photo Courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain

Long story short, I confess being lazy and exceptionally late in announcing that I was a part of the first ever FTX in Pakistan. The five-day workshop conducted at Marriot Islamabad was the training of trainers program.FTX training in Pakistan was done in collabration with P@sha and bytesforall. So I am proud to announce that I am can now officially  conduct Digital Story Making Workshops, that ofcourse with the entire FTX pk gang. Before I began announcing them all through videos and more, I suggest you visit Jehan Ara’s blog for all updates regarding FTX pk.

My initial reaction to the workshop idea was a fun-filled trip to isloo. Little did I know (infact everyone was on the same page) that the workshop was going to be 5-days of intense work,raw emotions and more. Needless, to say the story telling circle and the sharing process has been cathartic. It also helped built strong bonds with people I was meeting for the first time and also those I had known for quite sometime now.

The stories of all those women and one man have changed me as a person. It probably sounds a little too over-dramatic but its all true. Sharing does take a lot of courage, but I must confess once you are done with it the healing process begins faster than ever before. Ofcourse, trust becomes the most important part of the whole deal. This was undoubtedly the only thing on my mind even before the workshop began. We were told to work on our scripts, to narrate a personal experience, stories of our lives or other women around us. But the focus remained us, about how the experience ours or others effected us. These scripts were then to be converted into digital stories used for advocacy and campaigning.

FTX Pakistan Gang- Photo Courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain

The process of sitting down in a circle,talking about stories that inspired,hurt,moved or motivated us was incredible. A session filled with tears and laughter all the same. At the end of it all I see everyone I met  as a different person,in a different light, when I see them now I can see their experiences,their struggle and the stories that made them who they are, it’s been nothing short of an overwhelming experience.There is a lot more to share and say, but  I shall leave it here for now and come back later!


3 thoughts on “FTX Pakistan: The Experience And More

  1. I am glad you had a great time at the FTX. It’s also great to see that you got your domain back. Hope there are more of these events so that more women get a chance to attend them.

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