Help Guide For Relief In Jamshoro & Hyderabad

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Thousands of families continue to pour into various parts of Sindh after Thatta and Sajjawal area were flooded.  Outskirts of Jamshoro and Hyderabad (near toll plaza) were identified by one of our Donors (Kamran Bukhari), he also identified that there was an immediate need for food for infants and children in that area. The Highway Police has been providing food to families living on roadsides from jamshoro toll plaza to hyderabad. There are approximately 400 families in living on the highway sides without proper shelter.

Here are a few things I identified during my visit there and after interacting with families:


  • Tents: Families are living without shelter in scorching heat which puts them at high risk of  dehydration,sun strokes,skin infections and more
  • Chlorinated Water NOT Mineral Water: Chlorine Tablets and ORS batches are urgently required
  • Water Coolers
  • Clean Clothes
  • Porridge for children
  • Ration: Atta,Daal and Oil


  • Antiseptic soap
  • Calamine Lotion: Scabies is rampant
  • Prickly Heat Powder
  • Crockery: Plates,bowls,spoons and basic cooking utensils
  • ORS Batches: It’s better to take ready-made bottles of ORS since they have no idea how to use it.
  • Dates: Cheap,high on calorie and can support when there is lack of food
  • Kala Channa: Cheap,high on calorie and can support when there is lack of food
  • Sanitary Napkins: required for women. Since women are use to wearing home made sanitary napkins, providing them with cotton rolls and gauze will be most adequate. This is most important because using cloth would require them to wash it, and since there is NO clean water this can cause severe Urinary Tract Infections.


  • Skin Infections are on the rise, immediate attention required
  • Some of the infants are suffering from severe dehydration and will require immediate medical attention.

Coordination & Management:

Reports of increased incidence of mobbing in these areas uptill thatta. We were also chased by 7 odd motorbikes and these are professional mobs. Here are some steps that might be of some help in minimizing such incidents. Please be cautious:

  • TAKE OFF ALL BANNERS: If your trucks are identified as relief goods you are at risk of being mobbed even before reaching the affected areas.
  • ESCORT: It is extremely important to have an escort for managing unruly crowd. Our collaborators (offroaders  Pakistan) would have been mobbed if it wasn’t for the escort. Cover the truck:
  • COVER RELIEF GOODS: Mobs usually chase trucks on motorbikes, jump on them and then offload as much good as possible.Covering relief goods would make it difficult for them to get hold of relief packets. Covering them with tarpaulin and tying it up is the best option
  • DO NOT STOP AT A CROWD: If you stop at an already crowded areas, you might as well get yourself in a  a management hell.
  • CHOSE DISTRIBUTION POINT WISELY: The best possible way is to brief your escort about the exact number of relief hampers and ask them to help identify place where they can be distributed. Going with 500 relief hampers to a place with 2000 families is NOT a good option. Chose wisely.
  • DRIVER ON STANDBY: One of the major problems we faced was with the driver. The driver needs to be briefed to NOT slow down near crowd. If you are being chased you need your driver to drive wisely.


5 thoughts on “Help Guide For Relief In Jamshoro & Hyderabad

  1. Hi there. Could you please tell me which team are you a part of, and how do I join (if you guys need volunteers) ?

    Thanks 🙂

    And keep up the good work MA~!

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