Flood Relief Efforts: Chakra Goth Distribution

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I am working as Project Coordinator for FLP flood relief & rehabilitation drive, this post is part of on ground reports of our efforts alongwith updates.

Future Leaders Of Pakistan distributed relief packages amongst 35 families in Chakra Goth, Korangi, Karachi, on August 30th, 2010.

These families are living with their relatives, after their villages were inundated. Most of these families belong to Bachao bund, district Kashmore. Over 15 villages adjacent to Ghauspur and Karampur have been flooded since after the Tori Bachao Bund was breeched. Most of those affected have been forced to leave their areas, with a considerable number opting to move in with their relatives rather than living in tents, which makes it difficult for relief organizations to identify and reach out to them. We are thankful to Farieha Aziz and Afia Salam who helped us identify these families in need.

The FLP team along with volunteers surveyed the area to get an estimate of affected people, accessing their needs in terms of ration, clothes and medical aid. FLP volunteer examined children suffering from skin and ear infections and registered pregnant women in need of immediate attention.

Survey was carried out for need assessment to help modifying relief hampers and provide medical aid. The people were extremely cooperative and willing to provide all necessary information. Women were forthcoming in providing about their maternal health and hygiene.

“Our houses, cattle and crops have all been destroyed, we have to start our lives all over again” said Khalida, a flood survivor “I am educated and willing to work to support my family, please help me find a suitable job, there is nothing to go back to” she requested while handing over a job application to one of the FLP members.

Most of the men have already started working as labor, to support their families. Although shelter is not an issue for them, but living in congested and unhygienic environment leads to increase incidence of skin infections. Nearly all of the 65 children were suffering from scabies. Poor sanitation is leading to more infections and thus there is a lot to be done in order to help these families living within Karachi. Since they are in areas within reach immediate help can be given without delay. FLP will also be focusing on providing the men with day jobs to support their families as a part of their rehabilitation. This will allow them to save some money in order to rebuild their houses once they go back and reduce burden on their relatives who are hosting these families.


3 thoughts on “Flood Relief Efforts: Chakra Goth Distribution

  1. You are doing a wonderful job to bring relief to the victims of the floods. Altruism is a great quality and I sincerely hope that some among you will become genuine leaders of Pakistan in the future, Insha’Allah!

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