Flood Relief Efforts: Distribution in Thatta

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I am working as Project Coordinator for FLP flood relief & rehabilitation drive, this post is part of on ground reports of our efforts alongwith updates.

Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP) collaborated with Rotary Club of Karachi for distribution of relief packages in Thatta, Sujjawal, and Sharif Solangi; Sindh. On the 22nd August, the FLP team along with the Rotary Club of Karachi team distributed goods to over 500 families.

Apart from basic relief items, care packages contained hygiene packets for women and care packets for infants, which were modified to cater to the needs of families present in the area, with special addition of mosquito-killing coils, anti-septic soaps, ORS, and porridge for infants. A basic survey was carried out to collect data and facilitate a medical team scheduled to visit the area next week.

Volunteers with a background in health services also counseled women in the Sharif Solangi camp on a custom diet plan for women who are pregnant or lactating, and the women were also briefed on overall hygiene and maintenance.

“We have been living in this camp for a month and no doctors have come our way, so we are glad we are getting some help in that regard. Yours is the first team to come here along with females to speak to us, and this makes us comfortable as well as happy” said one of the women in the Solangi camp for flood survivors to a female FLP volunteer.

Updates of the relief drive were updated live on twitter. For tracking live updates of FLP relief drives please follow @sanasaleem. Live console will be uploaded on the main website shortly.

The Future Leaders of Pakistan will send a team of women along with doctors to revisit the areas to provide further counseling and medical aid. We would like to thank Rotary Club of Karachi and DCO Thatta who were of great help in ensuring safety and delivery of relief goods. Most of all, we would like to thank our generous donors who made it possible for us to reach out and make a difference to the survivors of one of the worst natural disasters in history.


To volunteer, donate, or for more information regarding FLP activities in Karachi, please contact:



2 thoughts on “Flood Relief Efforts: Distribution in Thatta

  1. Hi Sana,

    I am writing from Sydney. You are doing a very good work and i read your articles and they are also very good.
    I developed RisingHands.com to centralize our relief efforts to respond collectively and effectively.

    Hope this help you in your activites.


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