An Open letter to Sharmila Farooqui and Irresponsible Media

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For those who are unaware, here is a little background on the case, from the Tribune:

“Twenty-something K and her acquaintance S, in her mid-30s, were driving in a blue Suzuki Alto on Khayaban-e-Qasim in DHA when three to four men in a car rammed into them from the back. The small car dived into a ditch, the women were dragged from the car, abducted and K was gang raped while S was beaten. They were then dumped back at the spot. M, one of K’s friends, took them to hospital from where the case was taken up”

Please read Saba Imtiaz’s Brilliant Piece for the Tribune for more on the story. Watch Sharmila’s statement here.

The events that followed after the initial report was filed has urged me to write this post. Please feel free to cross-post this on your blogs or other Platforms. Let us unite against such irresponsible behavior, raise our voice and discredit such behavior. We must act now to stop unethical behavior from becoming an added hurdle for women seeking justice against such violence.

Dear Miss Farooqui,

This is with reference to the gang-rape case that happened on 20th December 2010 in Defence Housing Authority in Karachi and the events that followed.  As you are well aware of the  details, reports suggest that K was gang raped after her car was rammed into a ditch, her acquaintance beaten and both of them were then thrown in the ditch, left helpless.

We are extremely shocked to know that despite such a heinous crime, K has now withdrawn her case against the rapist. For this we have no one else to blame, but irresponsible reporting by the media and unethical statement by you.

We cannot even begin to explain, how hurt and furious we are at the way,the case is handled by the media and the law enforcing agencies. Rather than respecting the victims privacy, cameras hovered over her as she tried to make her way to the car, wrapped up in a chaddar.. If this wasn’t enough one of our largest news networks carried details like: K was returning from a ‘dance party’ at 2:00 am. This is not only irrelevant information but also an attempt to justify the heinous crime; reinforcing the ‘she asked for it’ mindset.  We vehemently denounce this attitude by the media and you.

What shocked us most  were your statements after your meeting with K. Against all internationally known human rights principles and procedures, not only did you name the survivor but also went on to malign her raising suspicion on the basis of conflicting accounts. We see this as the major blow to the case. As a women, and a politician in authority you should have been much more careful not to harm the case or the  survivor.

We are particularly appalled by your statements in front of the media regarding K.  You must be well aware that unfortunately, how police and law enforcing authorities manhandle such cases especially when the crime is committed by affluent class.

It is a great ordeal and matter of huge courage for a woman to even report such crimes. Being a woman yourself, how can you make statements that would raise suspicion regarding a woman who has been violated? How can you not be careful while dealing with such a sensitive issue?

For you and everyone else that is party to manhandling the case, this is what we have to say:

Nothing can justify rape, violence or abuse. Every single piece of information from her lifestyle is irrelevant, raising suspicion on basis of conflicting statements only hours after the case has been reported is irrelevant and damaging, remarking at the way K was behaving by calling her ‘rude’ is not only insensitive but making a mockery out of her state of mind.

We ask you to retract your statements and apologize publicaly in the media at the irreparable damage it has caused. Moral policing rape victims is equivalent to advocating the heinous crime. We  hope that you will be more responsible with your statements in the future on sensitive issues like these and would rethink over the damage your current statements have caused.

Until then we stand in protest to every factor that has damaged this case and forced the survivor to withdraw.


85 thoughts on “An Open letter to Sharmila Farooqui and Irresponsible Media

  1. oh my god some of the comments are so pathetic and idiotic a woman has been raped and violated and most of you morons have stated that she deserved it, no female deserves to be raped, no man has a right to put his hands on a woman against her will. Now I realise why Pakistan has been declared the third most dangerous country for females to live in. Despite being a muslim country there is nothing Islamic about most of the Pakistani population, women are disrespected, raped and there basic human rights are taken away from them. And as for justice for this poor girl well all i can say that it will be a long long time coming. In a country like Pakistan there is no such thing as privacy for any victim suffering from any kind of abuse, the media is careless about such things they are greedy vultures all trying to get the next big story and they will do that in any way possible. As for Sharmila Farooquie, i dont know how i feel towards this woman, i suppose part of me admires her that she is a strong independent Pakistani female making her place in a very male dominated arena such as politics-and boy has the girl got a big gob on her! she gives as good as she gets! but then in this rape case she has been most insensitive and under no circumstances should she have named the victim and then added her own persumptions without knowing the clear facts.

  2. Why you always write on Rape, SEx, Rape, Prostitution, Women……..stop being so bias, shall I show you a million girls who take naked photos of themselves and seduce young boys, have you ever criticized a women apart from Sharmila???? What evidence you have that those to girls were not coming back from a Dance party??? Stop bluffing for just being a women.

  3. Do u people think?these political people have any ethics…i don’t live in pakistan but i know 1 thing..where i live..our president just paid 45 unofficial visits to dubai can u somebody ask?what he is doing here?for what reason?there is no1 to ask….Jews are their GODs and money is their life…thats it…

    sorry for using this language…but truely…we need a change…tht only youth can bring

  4. Sana Saleem says:
    December 30, 2010 at 20:59

    Nice thoughts but really if she was out late night in objectionable clothes and attented a boys party…. Every thing is objectionable here… So that Rape was bound to happen now or then…

    Above are the comments posted on dawn’s blog ‘Rape, criminal law and Pakistan’s survival’’s-survival/ by someone with the same name as yours and I was wondering if the person was you. Fortunately, I read your above nicely articulated blog!

  5. Good work Sana! Keep it up.

    Shame on Sharmila F for her pathetic statements. The victim here needed psychological/psychiatric counseling to help her, rather than such childish and stupid statement from Sharmila.

    Also media should avoid using live coverage of such statements to avoid exposing victim to such mental torture. Come on media guys, you are supposed to be professional!

  6. @Farhan Virk I’m looking forward to see your blog showing black faces of all these so called liberal prostitutic pigs! Come on! This space is too small for you! We need to find something big! These liberals want Pakistan to be turned into American Republic of Pakistan

  7. Farhan Virk’s first comment made me angry
    his second comment made me realize his aim,
    his 3rd comment made me ashamed of being a liberal,
    Ali truly said liberals are fond of making this nation prostitutes!
    I’m with conservatives on this issue now! Raper’s should be stoned to death!

  8. Especially @Abid and other supporters!
    Thanks for your support when i got strongly objected first, i was almost in tears that what does this nation want? men and women to indulge in open relations without marriage? But i’m fine now! Thanks for your support sir! I truly appreciate!

  9. I agree with Sharmila Farooqi. no girl should live with some non mehram without marriage. I want to praise Farhan Virk for his courage to post such brave comments in a page filled with dirty liberals- who want all girls to be nude like America

  10. @Prof Jamil and @dakoosa, the girl accompanying her wasn’t raped because she wasn’t a victim of society’s eye ! The raper’s wanted only to rape the girl they knew would resist less! It was target! Now every so called modern girl should try to avoid living with non mehram men at same house .
    @Farhan Virk no need to change your stance. liberals want to make Prostitutic Republic of Pakistan, but we can’t let that happen. shame on liberal pigs, who can’t tolerate Islamic Rules. Don’t worry about criticizes, they’ve come from followers of Satan!

  11. I just read whole article, raper’s deserve death penalty. But shame on liberal pigs! They want Pakistan to get filled up with girls who can live with anyone without marriage! Liberals deserve death for this un islamic stance! I would give strong support to all those brave men who came on this article and showed morals not those idiots who claim to be liberals and showed their dirty mind about boys and girls living together shame on those jerks!

  12. Yeah. Todays broad minded nation has shown it’s signs! It want’s men and women to roam freely indulge in open relationships, dating, living with eachother without marriage, free kissing on roads etc.
    No muslim can tolerate it.
    i want to praise Farhan Virk for taking such a strong stance on a topic filled with disgusting, low moral, cheap, so called liberal activists. Truly said Liberals want every one to become Prostitutes!

  13. Lolz hahaha @Farhan Virk you got liberals under thumb! Now they must be happy, they’d live with anyone they want without marriage. nice technique. You rock! I agree with Sharmila!
    But raper’s deserve serious punishment! They deserve death! But down with liberals too booooh!

  14. I solely agree with stance of Mr Farhan Virk that the accused rapers should be punished but so called modern girl’s of today should avoid living with acquaintances! Good job. Shame of sick liberals! They want everyone to be prostitutes

    1. @Ali Ahmed
      I’m sorry, all this time I actually thought that prostitution was a path for non-liberal, low income class men and women. You have opened my eyes to the truly shocking nature of ‘liberals’If this is true then we should rape all liberals! All educated, free thinking, tolerant, mean and women are prostitutes and furthermore ‘They want everyone to be prostitutes’ too?! (But prostitutes get paid don’t they? I am a bit confused but I am sure Mr. Farhan Virk can clear the difference up between a rape victim and a prostitute. Infact I do think he believes they are one and the same.)
      And to think to be liberal minded was a noble thing -I must immediately burn my books, lock myself in the house and get married and start having babies at the age of 14 to stop liberalism from entering my life! Everyone with a mind bigger than the crow turd that resides in Ali Ahmed’s backward non-liberal, narrow minded brain is a prostitute and should be raped! In fact why am I living in this country? It was founded by one of the most liberal of liberals in history! I shall move to a cave in Waziristan immediately!

      READ THE TOPIC. It is about rape, not fornication, consensual sex or ‘acquaintances’. The victims private life is no business of yours or anyone else’s.

  15. Now get ready to get replies!
    @Asif ,
    @A single mother,
    @Sophia Al Khawar,
    o.k o.k i’m sorry 😦 i change my stance. You were all right. I was sarcastic 😦 now every Pakistani girl should live with a cousin , acquaintance or boyfriend of her choice without marriage!
    In a single apartment 🙂
    A single mother and Sophia must be happy now that i changed my stance 🙂
    and those who raped that girl must get serious punishment, i didn’t change my stance on this one. It’s same as before .

    1. @ Farhan

      You cannot change the confused mind set of these enlightened souls.

      On one hand they are against the Islamic teachings which forbid such practices which promote such erratic behavior in societies and used to demonize Islamic punishments

      Now the same souls are crying out for the poor girl and asking for severe punishment for the violaters

      I wonder if Islamic teachings are so out dated and retogressive as claimed by these enlightened morons why don’t we see such gang rapes in closed societies like Iran and Saudia

  16. i have personaly seen Sharmila Farooqui in the smallest,tightest tshirt, tightest of jeans and high heels in a hospital visiting someone past midnight with 3 other men. now should she be raped on her way home??? she looked like a slut. these are the kind of people we have advising the government! what a laugh! shameless sharmila!!

    1. Sharmila farooqui is nothing more than a ‘corrupt politician’,a kleptocrat witch.She is not interested in a mere rape victim, just out to garner publicity from all corners to further her own hype.
      As a woman, and a human being, one would think that Farooqui would be slightly more heightened to the crime of sexual assault.

      The problem with this case is that, when you have women scheming against women for political gain, do not expect any sympathy from the likes of the PPP and farooqui for victims.It is all one big political game for these cretins.And the rape victims are the pawns.
      Intimidation to withdraw statements is not a new concept, but just demonstrates the level of ( or lack of) priority that is put on such a crime.Apparently a woman’s integrity is not a valuable aspect of her life, and it just goes to show, a woman will always be a woman’s worst enemy.

  17. Do you think Sharmila Farooqi is really “Sharmila” (Shy), I doubt her characters, it is very simple to understand prostitute doesn’t take rape as rape, it is normal day to day business for them and thus can not understand the emotions of others.

  18. @ Farhan virk, not only is your post a disgrace to this forum but proof that women are raped because of men like you. Every one has the right to live the way the want to; we are born with that freedom to do so. Living with a non-mehram is NO CRITERIA for her being raped, that way more than half of our female politicians should be raped because they enter politics through providing voluntary sexual services to senior political leaders, does that mean they should be raped? No because it is their life and they have the right to do what they want .

    So now, Islam has nothing to do with it, the so called Islamic republic of Pakistan has nothing Islamic about it, it is one of the highest corrupt countries, bribes are common as sand in the air in this country. So why is it that only people in love or a man and woman sharing an apartment is SCANDELOUSLY WRONG and always a topic of debate ( where on a personal level even if they are living in Sin they are NOT bothering the world with it, it is between them and God).

    How many times have we seen solid discussions over bribe, unjust system (where Islam speaks of Justice very categorically). You have no right to justify these men by writing such derogatory comments here and insulting women like that.

    I hope that you realize that any woman, who reads this, will never want to be associated with you….

    So ashamed…

  19. Mr Virk,

    You said living with non mehram makes you a victim of society and your moral character is at stake.
    OK what if I am a single mother and trying to survive with my few years old baby, living alone, earning hard to meet my child’s needs, do you really think it will make my moral character at stake?? or if a I am a divorcee/widower and my brothers/father who are men like you, don’t let me stay with them after divorce or separation and I chose to live with one of my relatives who is non mehram to me so it will be an evidence to my bad character. That is what you said?
    You are of the view that Sharmila’s stance was right. Living with non mehram is like giving a chance to alleged raper’s because they’d eye for a person with loose character.
    Ok now here you and Sharmila have given your verdict that living with non mehrams is an evidence of bad character. There is a norm in our society that a person who once moved to jail is not the one with good moral character. Can you please justify Sharmila’s moral character after being stayed behind the bars for 9 months, is she really a person to carry out the responsibility like advisor to chief minister of Sindh, an individual whose moral character is at stake because of our social customs and norms.
    I am a single mother surviving with few years old son, earning good money (not through illicit means) now setting up my independent abode. Should I really be scared because of man like you in this social order who think an unaccompanied woman is the one with immoral character… Not at all!!! Because I better know my character than you, I am not answerable to you for what. Therefore you have no right to utter a single word about my moral fibre. I know what Rights I have been given by state and I know how to resist people like you. So please keep your mouth shut and try to be the productive member of the society. I cannot even imagine that how people like you and Sharmila justifying the heinous crime like gang rape by making the girl’s character at stake. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  20. Virk, Why would a raper look for a person with loose character? IMO Raper/criminal would just look for an opportunity.

    While living with a non mehram she might just be more of a “shareef larki” than someone forced to wear a burqa by her parents. (I don’t have anything against a burqa)

    What are upper class girls?

    1. Girls who wear jeans?
    2. Girls who go to parties/weddings?
    3. Girls who are independent and choose to live on their own or with a non mehram?
    4. Living in DHA, makes one upper class?

    If that’s your definition of an upper class girl, then my friend you are wrong.

    1. It was not related to boyfriend thing. Another girl was with the victim. Why she was not raped by those RAPISTS who were looking for an opportunity according to you

  21. Thank you Sana, for raising your voice, something we have all forgotten to do.

    Sharmila Farroqi, i cant even begin to write how appalled i was when i read that piece in Tribune, it was disguisting how she handled her emotions. The woman is shaken badly and is so vunerable. I ask Ms. Farooqi, to place her self in the situation of that woman ( God for Bid) and then ask her self is this the way to handle it. Her coming from a dance party is equally irrelevant to you coming from late night parties with the foreign community of this country.

    If you Ms. Farooqi have a little shame left in you and a little ounce of decency is running in your veins, apologise to her publically and also help her to file the case against those vultures and start a rally ( which you all are really good at when it comes to saving your seats) ask the civil society to stand up with you and we all shall be there.

    If those men are not bought to justice, the women should personally castrate them.. so no man ever thinks of touching another woman….

    So lets see if you do have some decency left in you AT ALL…

  22. There are stories of unimaginable sufferings. The stories, of course, will be inadequately told regarding Women’s Justice and those who do know are usually silenced by their early deaths, by their poverty, by their gender, by their believed inferiority and by their insulating layers of censorship and embarrassment that still surrounds the issue of Sex, Blood and Birth etc. in most societies of the World, especially those third-world countries Governed by Islamic Laws. Pakistan and in similar third-world countries is that there is barely any respect for women due to history. Women do not have the same Rights or Status that men do and the image of women is very different in that cultural perspective. This leaves them vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. Proper Education can help in more modern legal and economic system and would allow for the establishment of more rights and freedoms for women. Ultimately leading to a stronger sense of overall Justice. In The Glorious Qur’an ALLAH The Almighty Says:”Men are the maintainers of women because ALLAH has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property, the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as ALLAH has guarded, and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them, then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them. Surely ALLAH is High, Great.” (Surah An-Nisa (The Women) : 34). Pakistan ignores justice and holds women in contempt. If the Government of Pakistan is truly committed to ending violence against women and promoting equality, It must send clear message that Women’s Rights are not negotiable. And start by putting its own house in order!

  23. Boy or girl, slut or an angel, NO ONE deserves to b raped. This line ‘she had it coming’ is just barbaric and unjust and as far from Islam as one can possibly get. Rape is a crime- a vicious crime that néeds to b dealt with so severely that no one shud dare do it again.
    Sharmila F represents the barbarians of the nation. She has no idea of justice or accountability. Doesn’t she get scared that what goes around comes around???

  24. Sana, amazing work. Since our head honchos rarely use e-communications, I am wondering if there is a way to register our protest through more traditional/old-fashioned methods? Is there an address we can write to? A phone number we can dial? We need to flood the airwaves, too. Havent been following media coverage on this case, but my sense is, there would be limited coverage to begin with.
    In solidarity,

  25. @Rai Azlan and other replies to my post
    dear readers, kindly try reading my post with attention. I said the Rape Case Is a Genuine One and Should Be Dealt Accordingly.
    The problem i said is that living with non mehram makes you a victim of society and your moral character is at stake.Sharmila’s stance was right. Living with non mehram is like giving a chance to alleged raper’s because they’d eye for a person with loose character.
    The rape case is always a rape case and the persons responsible deserve serious punishment death or life sentence. But our upper class girls should also take care living with acquaintances which are non mehram!
    That’s my stance! Protest if you want but you can’t deny it.

    1. @Virk the morally challenged Jerk

      Do you know how to READ?
      This topic is about RAPE not boyfriends or parties or moral characters.
      Get a dictionary and while you’re at it get a life you stuck up judgemental patronising moron!

    2. @Virk the morally challenged jerk,
      Do you know how to read?
      The topic was RAPE not boyfriends or parties or your dumbass opinion of what you think is the right time for women to return home or who they live with.
      Get a dictionary and while you’re at it, get a life you moronic, judgemental, fundo, patronising ass!

    3. @Farhan Virk

      On first reading i was also fuming at your comments but when i read them after couple of minutes and pondered over it, i realized that they do make sense

      As for others, Farhan has condemned the act of Rape and agrees that the violators should be punished. The point he has raised is genuine

      Please try to ponder , why that particular girl was targeted, why don’t we see such rapes on a daily basis say at 1300 hrs in broad day light.

      You can make fun of Moulvis when they point out the capital punishment for crimes like these but surprisingly now every one is asking for the same Islamic Punishments for these criminals

  26. I will go with Alkapon…a bullet and a good word goes much further than only a good word’ In a typical society of ours you need not to expect things happen to you but to make them happen as you wish…If this poor lady (the victim) wants to hide what happend to her and still wants to have justice it is simple not possible and she better withdraw the case. If she cant stand with the reality nobody on the face of the earth will dare to stand with her..

  27. Things cant improve unless you focus on what you want, i don’t agree with the notion of what Islam wants. as well said that, i cant listen what you are saying, because what you are is louder than what you are saying……so plz don’t bring in Islam this way only to take an easy exit from the situation….Just except that what happend is something brutal and accept it as human being and from here things will start to improve..

  28. If anything, you’ve let the media and Sharmila Farooqui off easy. Media freedom is a double-edged sword and I’m still on the fence as to where (and if) a line ought to be drawn. But as far as Ms.Farooqui is concerned, whatever rock she climbed out of is a cleaner habitat. This isn’t the first time she has uttered such pearls of wisdom and I doubt it’ll be her last. Some of the women in Pakistan’s government are really worse than the chauvinistic pigs and bastards referred to in earlier comments. They have lost all sense of carrying the torch for the female gender and giving it some kind of grace and dignity in our national halls of shame. Every time I read something like this, I wonder if the nation has really slipped into a coma. How can we tolerate these types of people in our assemblies and why aren’t we out there creating new political candidates and moving for fresh elections? Maybe we aren’t that different from K who has withdrawn her case because she’ll lose more than the case, she’ll lose her dignity and maybe even her life depending on who the perpetrators are related to! And that is how all of us, being raped every day economically, politically, internationally, are sitting back and not even protesting!

  29. Dear Farhan virk :

    “if a girl lives with someone who is not mehram in Islamic country like Pakistan she is certainly regarded as a Slut. One has to use bad words for such people. ”

    Every has a right to practice her/his religion and live the way s/he pleases to. and one doesn’t really have to use any bad words for such people, who gives you this right ? who are you to can anyone with a derogatory name ?

    Secondly she was sharing an apartment with him, now how is that a crime ? and countless Muslim men share apartments with woman in US/UK we never object to that do we ? On because that not in an Islamic country and and THAT somehow makes it HALAL ?

    and i wonder why don’t we call all these men with bad names too ? we never ever point fingers at them, and its never their fault !1 Why ? only because they are MEN ?

    you say “This case would certainly open eyes of those girls who love to hang out with their ‘Boy Friends’ ”

    So you are actually justifying a crime, and you think it is right to rape or sexually or physically harass women if they are with their “boyfriends” ?

    And what if a female sex worker is raped, i think you will consider it not a crime at all !!

    Now Just Tell me Where in Quran -E- Kareem is it said that you can humiliate, sexually assault a women who is with her boyfriend or even a female sex worker ? Just let me know so i can be enlightened Please .

    Your justifications and augments are ridiculously lame, offensive and totally insensitive.

    1. Nowhere in Holy Book, it is allowed to hang out with Boyfriends and Nowhere sexual assault is allowed.

      You bypass first advise then be prepared for the consequence although the Rapist should be brought to justice

  30. @Farhan Virk:
    i accept that it is not allowed in Islam to live with non mehram. okay but can you define Non mehram please because as much as i know even cousins do not qualify in the category of Mehrams. and living with someone do not make some one slut and neither you nor i have any right to name some one as slut unless we have a proper prove for that.
    rape is a crime and it will remain crime even if the victim is a noble soul or a slut. if some one is a slut you got no authority to rape her. women should feel more secure in a male dominated society but we make them feel as if they are living among the barbarians

    1. @ Rai. Wow great thinking so true. I wish all ppl think so positive n so realistic and educated. I wish more ppl like Rai would think and come uo with their brilliant thoughts which r so open. We need to educate our ppl first so that they can think differently. Yes education plays role. See here how ppl have comments. Virk, come one think before u write anything.

  31. I strongly condemned this case. Whoever she is and whatever she is doing no one allow to do this heinous crime. This year in karachi registered 28 gang rapes and a lot of unregistered cases. Citizen’s of karachi should act on it on there level best.

  32. Dear Sana I must appreciate you for writing on the issue. Actually it is very strange in Pakistan that a rape case got reported, everyone is shocked at it – how could the victim had the courage to speak up? The media which is now in the habit of creating sensation, took this case in the same spirit. But the media people are certainly not aware of reporting on such issues. They are reflecting the general attitude of our society towards such crimes: either the victim should suffer in silence, or, if she speaks up she should be considered a ‘slut’ (i am uncomfortable with the word but i am only quoting it from one of the posts above) and should be given no sympathy or right to privacy.

    Also I would like to add that media should realise that too much ‘live’ coverage is not appropriate and certainly not required in cases such as this. The statements issued by Police and, Sharmila Farooqi for that matter, should have been televised only after proper editing so as to not give out the victims personal life details. Inappropriate comments about her should have been edited for sure. Sharmila is happy with all the media attention she is getting by spurting out stupid statements. She doesnt deserve that attention.

  33. Extremely sad and appalling!
    No woman should have to suffer this…
    All we need is for the authorities to implement the law…such criminals should be put to death… doing so would significantly decrease such crimes…
    very disturbing!

  34. Sana wrote well…both the media and Ms. Farooqui have played a poor role. As for Mr. Virk, I guess he should be forgiven for his views…it is a product of the chauvanistic society we are born into. Let me just say that Islam wants us to rise above ourselves and resist temptation even when faced with a slut…if one fails to then, yes, even the slut is a helpless victim AND NOT DESERVING of being raped. Can we holier than thou Pakistanis please actually focus on the true spirit of our religion.

  35. Although nobody may differ with the contents in the Letter of Sana but one will agree to the fact that all such kind of crimes are mostly committed by the Elite Class who due to their status in the society consider it their just right. But it is also an open fact that the Elite Class is always protected by the Ruling Class. Therefore whatever Sharmila did, was expected from her as she represents Ruling Class who is always there to protect the interest of Elite Class, be it in form of deciding Trade Policies or anything else. There has been no one (except a very few) to stand for the common man in Pakistan. Police, the most Corrupt Institution of Pakistan is doing the same for years while every passing day they are becoming more and more corrupt. But since this Department is also a Tool of Ruling and Elite Class, more and more such kind of things are expected from them. So the remedy is not only in changing the faces of these Professional Rulers (who change their Loyalties overnight for the sake of country) but also the SYSTEM with a Big S. This Country was neither created by them nor for them BUT for the Ordinary People who SACRIFICED and LOST EVERYTHING while creating this Lovely and Great Country but the Rulers who mostly belonged to those against this Country took over Pakistan and they continue to enjoy the Looting and multiplying their assets and still declare themselves INNOCENT having given so called Sacrifices for the Democracy. Down and to Hell with Such Democracy and so called Democratic Leaders. PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD. AWAM PAINDABAAD.

  36. Very well said sana, i completely agree with you ,
    I am standing beside you in this protest.
    Miss Farooqi you should learn some process of handling such kind of sensitive cases.
    Also Miss Farooqi should learn manners and respect for suffering woman .
    Miss farooqi you shouldn’t forget your pass and dealing with police , police station and the media.

  37. Now let me get this straight. Journalists trying to make issue after issue, first blasphemy law was objected with no proof or objective in hand now rape case.
    As far as stance of Sana Saleem is concerned, she has done a right thing from her point of view. But Sharmila Farooqi isn’t wrong either.
    if a girl lives with someone who is not mehram in Islamic country like Pakistan she is certainly regarded as a Slut. One has to use bad words for such people. Furthermore such a women will become the eye of Chauvinist pigs who eye her for her body! So it’d be no suprise if she became a victim of such pigs because she herself gave them one chance by showing her moral attitude.
    The rape case should definitely be looked upon as a genuine case but Sharmila’s stance is genuine too.This case would certainly open eyes of those girls who love to hang out with their (as Sana Saleem quotes Acquaintance ) but i quote boyfriends, in their apartments.
    Such act is forbidden.

    1. I do not think it is correct to make all sort of stories and use inappropriate words for the victim. It is incorrect to pass judgments and especially those based on unverified information!
      The crime should be condemned and the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

    2. So you think the guys in the car somehow knew she lived with her “boyfriend” and thus has lose morals? That could be any single one of us. That chould be me, going home from a cousins mehndi or shadi, late at night. AND I DON’T LIVE WITH A “BOYFRIEND”.

      But that’s what people like Sharmila and you would assume, I’m sure. Some how those bastards sniffed out my promiscuity and thus that justifies my rape. You should be ashamed of yourself. When you studied Islam, did you skip over the part where the punishment for “buhta’aan” on a woman, without there being FOUR witnesses to the actual ACT of promiscuity, is eighty lashes?

      I’m sure eighty lashes would kill you. I’m sure you, and everyone who thinks like you, deserves it.

    3. Cows’ Eyes :O

      Israr Ahmed, Zakir Naik aur Abdur Rehman Rashidi ko sunanay k nateeja aisa hi hota ha.

      I am surprised, to the say the least.

    4. Are we still talking about rape here or has the topic suddenly shifted to people’s lifestyle choices?
      Stick to the topic and stop looking for ways to justify what happened. What happened to her was wrong regardless of what the girl ever did or does in her life. That part is of no concern to you or anyone else.

    5. @Farhan Virk
      This is her personal life. Look at yourself first before judging others, you are no one to judge even. Only Allah is to judge. How shamelessly you can call someone a ‘slut’ without even knowing anything about them!
      Going by this logic you will rape any ‘slut’ you see roaming on the streets and get away with it because she’s a slut? She deserves to be raped, right? And this would be totally justified, right?
      How you even dare comment about somebody’s personal life especially when they are going through such traumatic phase of their life? If somebody comments your sisters/mother, how would you take that Mr? YOU ARE NO BODY TO JUDGE, understand it. Judge yourself only, OK.
      I say this with great pain that it’s because of people like you that we have not been able to become a progressive, modern Islamic state. Now you will say modern and Islamic don’t sound right together! yeah whatever!

  38. I hope this does not end like many other cases in our country do. Forgotten after a few days. What the poor girl must be going through :(.

    What a sad story. Is there any justice in our country ruled by animals for the victims and numerous girls who have been raped?

    And on top of that we have hopeless people like Sharmila with no sharam Farooqi.

  39. My two bits from an email I sent Sharmila Farooqui throug her facebook profile:

    Dear Sarmila Farooqui,

    I wonder if you have read this blog that I am attaching. If not then please take some time to read through it.

    I was really ashamed of your reporting on the rape incident recently and your comments about the victim. I doubt your conduct would have been the same if she was your sister or loved one. Instead of informing the public about the heinous crime with facts you made it seem like the victim had asked for it. As a woman yourself you should have been more responsible and empathetic towards her and her traumatized state of mind and as a public figure you should have presented facts, not opinions in a responsible way to protect the identity and integrity of the victim.

    There are hundreds of people reading and sharing this blog by Sana Saleem, a renowned activist, every minute all over the world and you can change their opinion of you by making a public apology on the news and by publicly replying to Ms. Saleem.

    I hope you never end up in a situation where your rights, respect and your body has been violated and you have to deal with someone like yourself reporting the incident.

    Do the right thing.

    1. “I hope you never end up in a situation where your rights, respect and your body has been violated and you have to deal with someone like yourself reporting the incident.”

      Are you telling this to Sharmila Farooqi?

  40. I would particularly added how she fetal when she was gang raped by police when in custody for a week, and the aftermath. Sharmila farooqui have you forgotten?

  41. Sana Saleem! Regards.
    Thank you very much for writing on Sharmila Farooqui and media’s irresponsibility. Lets consider for a while some one rapes Sharmila Farooqui on a road, then what kind of justice she will expect of Police and Judiciary?
    In the same way, every woman should be given justice, whether she is a professor or a dancer. Profession does not affect citizenship rights. For rape justification, nothing in the world we can find that will justify a rape case, nothing at all. Those who are justifying should think about themselves and their families. If the same case occurs with them, then what will be their reaction?
    I request Dr. Fehmida Mirza, speaker of National Assembly to take a serious notice of the case and use all her influence to give justice to the victim. I do request and think, Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh Interior Minister would love to deal the criminals with iron hands irrespect to their political affiliation.
    Here, being an ordinary citizen of Pakistan, I do condemn the act of criminals and further the govt attitude, and raise my voice with Sana Saleem, and hope the others will do the same.
    May almighty Allah punish the criminals, aameen.

  42. I want to point out a mistake in your article. “If this wasn’t enough one of our largest news networks carried details like: K was returning from a ‘dance party’ at 2:00 am. ” This statement was passed by DPO Clinton in a live interview on the network you mentioned. The newscasters condemned this statement and asked police to conduct thorough investigations before giving out such irresponsible statements. I listened to the whole interview myself. Yes, media sometimes goes overboard when reporting crimes and trespasses victims’ privacy but in this case we must give credit to the network and the newscasters for fighting K’s case so well.

  43. A very well written post. I was literally, shocked, shocked, after reading what Ms. Farooqui said. I feel like “beating her with a stick”.

    The bechara DIG? All she can think of right now is the ‘bechara DIG’ and not the women who have been so brutally treated!? They make me want to use profane words, but I guess, those won’t be enough.

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