Just a quick note to thank all my readers for the constant support. Bit late on this but honored to be nominated as best regional blog, as it is a symbol of support and recognition from my readers specially when updates on the blog have been painfully slow.

Thank you, your feedback — both support and critique– are invaluable.

You can see other nominations here:  http://www.brasscrescent.org/

Some of my favorites: Ghazala Irshad

Rebecca Mackinnon

 Sana Saeed 

Muslim Mattters 


5 thoughts on “Brass crescent Awards: Thank you for the nomination!

  1. subhanALLAH!!! congrats Sana for such an achievement… maashaaALLAH you truly are representing youth of Pakistan is a new light… really really proud of you…. thumbs up and keep it up my friend!!! ((:

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